Nestled in the heart of the historic Hobart waterfront, MACq01 is a luxury story hotel that combines premium accommodation with immersive, unforgettable storytelling.
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The Oyster Cove Inn is situated in Kettering, a small fishing village just 30 km south of Hobart, ma...
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The Rolex Sydney Hobart is a 628 nautical mile yacht race that is described as one of the most gruel...
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Dark Park is the interactive art precinct of Hobart's Dark Mofo festival.
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The Peppermint Bay Cruise depart Sullivans Cove, Hobart and travels 75km of coastline in a luxury hi...
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Hobart Accommodation


Hobart Accommodation

Hobart is a city that has grown up around the waterfront. The Historic Battery Point area runs from Salamanca Place and is an area of 1800’s cottages, terraces and houses lining winding, narrow streets that make you feel as though you are experiencing a bygone age.

MONA from above - Tasmania, AustraliaIn Hobart you’re welcome to a four white-walled stay in a chain hotel. We have plenty of those. In fact, they seem plenty full. There’s hostels that are not for the average backpacker but instead offer a help-yourself veggie patch, views of the mountain and bikes for those with a penchant for riding to MONA. Go all out, and stay at the waterfront’s latest hotel, so close you can nearly cast a fishing line from the penthouse suite or settle for something in between. Then there’s the inner-city pillows and art hotel to rest your head. Take your pick.

Consider concentrating on Hobart hotels and accommodation anywhere within a kilometre of the city centre if your preference is proximity to top attractions. This will put you within easy walking distance of all the waterfront venues, restaurants, shops and the style that is a part of Hobart life.

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