Battery Point Historic Walk

Battery Point was settled in the earliest days of Hobart Town in the early 1800’s, and has retained the winding streets, colonial architecture and historical ambiance that make it one of the most fascinating historic precincts in all of Australia.

Built over a point of land jutting into the Derwent River, it has become one of the most fashionable suburbs of Hobart, all the while keeping its historical links with Hobart and Tasmania’s past.

This walk takes us up laneways, past old seafarers’ cottages and through an historic precinct in which the outside of the buildings and the streetscape is largely unchanged since it was built in the 1800’s and early 1900’s.


Battery Point Historic Walk Credit - Dale Baldwin

Battery Point Historic Walking Tour

Start off at Kelly’s Steps on Salamanca Place, and then wind your way through some of the most interesting parts of Old Battery Point. You will visit an old seafarers hotel, walk the narrow winding streets and finish at Princes Park, back near your starting point.

Kelly's Steps

This narrow flight of steps joins Salamanca Place to Kelly Street in Battery Point and was named after 1800’s sea captain James Kelly.

Narryna Heritage Museum

Built into the original Narryna House on Hampden Road, the Heritage Museum has an excellent collection of old colonial furniture and artifacts displayed in their natural setting.

Hampden Road

Hampden Road is the “main Street” of Battery Point. It joins Sandy Bay Road with the eastern end of Battery Point. It curves downhill and shows off the frontages of some wonderful old buildings to perfection.

Arthur Circus

Between Kelly’s Steps and Hampden Road, Arthur Circus is a circle of old, single frontage cottages dating from the earliest days of Old Hobart Town.

Now renovated inside as residences, the original dimensions of Arthur Circus have been maintained, and cars navigate through the narrow streets with difficulty. Sit awhile on one of the park benches and enjoy the view over the cottages with Mount Wellington in the background.

Shipwright’s Arms Hotel

If you are interested in old pubs, then the Shipwright’s Arms is the place to see the Hobart yachting locals at play. Good counter meals and interesting people watching on just about any day. Out the back is a sit down restaurant.

Battery Square & Princes Park

Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, Tasmania, AustraliaOriginally a part of Hobart’s coastal defences as established in the early 1800’s, the Prince of Wales Battery was housed on this site. It gave a commanding view of the Derwent River near to the city. It overlooks what is today the finish line for the Sydney to Hobart annual yacht race.

Hotels in Battery Point

There are a number of hotels and accommodation in Battery Point. For a feel of old Hobart Town, staying in Battery Point can be an interesting experience.

This is great way to explore Battery Point with the family and learn some of the fascinating history of the area.

Battery Point Historic Walk Tasmania Australia
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