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    Tasmania.com has been operating for over 22 years helping people come to our wonderful island.
    Based out of Hobart Tasmania, we are a Tasmanian company and are passionate about the state and the people who want to visit.


    Matt Williams
    Chief Executive Officer

    A career in business that has spanned continents, from Australia to Europe and the United States, Matt has over 26 years creating, running and building enterprises from start-up to scale in diverse industries, including Maximized Living, Baby Wheels, Copy Stop, Oxford Language schools, International guitar camp, Obsidian Portal, and many more. A multi-year career in Silicon valley and Silicon beach California and now back to Australia and Tasmania, Passionate about old Whisky, Porsches and vintage watches, and the island he loves.

    Andrew Timbs
    Chief creative director

    20 years in creative agency roles, over 10 years as a creative director, Andrew has built brands from the ground up for local, national and international clients such at Woolworths, Dan Murphy’s, Tourism Tasmania and Larks Distillery. Andrew’s passion is for integrated multi channel communication, he likes to break convention which is why he is the perfect brand ambassador.

    Tracy Kennedy
    Chief Product Officer

    Tracy brings a wealth of experience with over 20 years creating, building & running some of Australia’s biggest online brands such as Westpac, Etrade, Fairfax Media’s Good Food, Drive, Domain, Daily Life. Tracy is passionate about user experience & simple, proven product design. She loves adventure, the outdoors, and, hiking and this is why Tasmania is a perfect home.

    Ali Cassim
    Chief Marketing Director

    Bringing over 15 years of marketing, operational and strategic experience, to some of Australia’s biggest web properties such as Stayz, Rate City ,Delicious, Drive, Taste and Rate City with both Fairfax, News Corp and Nine network and even a few startups like Clipp, Lime&Tonic, KindyHub and EnhanceTV she is passionate about the best island in the world.

    Ben Targett
    Tasmanian Tourism and Hospitality Advisor

    As Managing Director at THN Hospitality, Director at Cricket Tasmania and Former startup CEO of Destination Southern Tasmania. Ben offers unrivalled local knowledge of the Tasmanian tourism and hospitality industry.

    James Groom
    Legal and Business Structure Advisor

    James, has worked with leading commercial law firms in Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom. He has also worked as senior corporate counsel and group company secretary for GE Capital’s Australasian operations.

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