Tasmanian Seafood Seduction

Bruny Island Cruise
Embark on a Journey of Coastal Delights with the Tasmanian Seafood Seduction Tour. Experience the pristine beauty of Tasmania's waters and indulge in the freshest seafood, straight from the source. Join us for an unforgettable day where luxury meets the wild, and every moment is a taste of paradise.

Set sail from the vibrant Hobart waterfront and glide through the serene waters of the Derwent river to the secluded bays of Bruny Island. Here, indulge in the freshest, most succulent seafood, plucked straight from the ocean’s embrace. Our tour promises not just a feast for your palate but an odyssey for your soul, as you relish the pristine beauty of Tasmania’s landscapes. Each moment aboard is a celebration of nature’s bounty, paired exquisitely with the finest local wines and artisanal delights. Join us for an unforgettable experience, taste the ocean’s magic, feel Tasmania’s charm, and indulge in a day of pure, unadulterated pleasure. This isn’t just a cruise; it’s a gateway to the heart of Tasmania’s culinary and natural splendor.

What You Will Experience

A Seafood Lover’s Dream Come True: Prepare to be enthralled by the Tasmanian Seafood Seduction tour, a haven for seafood aficionados. Your palate will delightfully dance with a gourmet spread as you savour the freshest oysters, plucked straight from the ocean and shucked right before your eyes. Relish the rich, succulent flavors of premium rock lobster and witness the art of catching abalone and sea urchin, fresh from the sea. Our expert guides will transform these oceanic treasures into a sumptuous feast, complete with sashimi and salmon, creating a symphony of flavors that celebrate Tasmania’s marine bounty.

Scenic Splendor and Natural Wonders: As you indulge in the ocean’s harvest, the tour takes you through waterways to see Tasmania’s breathtaking landscapes. Glide past the picturesque shores of Bruny Island, where the serene beauty of the D’Entrecasteaux Channel unfolds before you. The crystal-clear waters and untouched, pristine beaches provide a backdrop of tranquil beauty, enhancing your dining experience.

Encounters with Flora and Fauna: Beyond the culinary delights, the tour offers a glimpse into the rich biodiversity of the region. Keep your eyes peeled for a variety of marine life, from playful dolphins accompanying the boat to the occasional seal basking in the sun. The shores are fringed with lush vegetation, home to diverse birdlife, adding a chorus of nature’s melodies to your journey.

A Journey of Discovery: Every aspect of this tour is designed to offer an immersive experience. From the delicate flavors of the sea to the vivid sights and sounds of Tasmania’s wilderness environment, you’re in for an adventure that tantalizes all senses. It’s more than a meal.

On the Menu

Indulgence & Delicacy: A seafood feast. Our menu celebrates Tasmania’s rich marine harvest, prepared fresh and served with a touch of elegance.

  • Freshly Shucked Oysters: Experience the true taste of the sea with oysters shucked right on the boat, offering a burst of ocean freshness.
  • Premium Rock Lobster: Savored for its tender, sweet meat, our rock lobster is a luxurious treat that epitomizes the finest in seafood dining.
  • Dive-Caught Abalone and Sea Urchin: Watch as our guides dive to bring you abalone and sea urchin, known for their unique flavors and textures.
  • Sashimi and Salmon: Delicate slices of sashimi and rich, flavorful salmon, showcasing the best of Tasmania’s local fish.
  • A Bounty of Seafood: The menu also includes a variety of other seafood selections, depending on the day’s catch, ensuring the freshest and most sustainable choices.
  • Complemented by Local Produce: Our seafood is paired with a selection of Tasmania’s finest produce to enhance your dining experience.
  • Artisan Cheeses: A curated selection of local cheeses, each offering its own distinct flavor and character.
  • Fresh Local Breads and Salads: Enjoy freshly baked breads and crisp, refreshing salads, the perfect accompaniments to our seafood.
  • Gourmet Spreads: A variety of spreads and condiments, carefully chosen to complement the flavors of the sea.

Beverage Selection: Our menu is accompanied by a handpicked selection of Tasmanian beverages.

  • Tasmanian Wines: Sample a range of local wines, carefully selected to pair beautifully with our seafood offerings.
  • Boutique Beers and Ciders: Choose from a variety of craft beers or organic cider, showcasing the best of Tasmania’s brewing talent.
  • Organic Juices: Refreshing and locally-made organic juices, a perfect non-alcoholic option.

General Info

  • Tour Duration: Full-day experience, approximately 8 hours.
  • Departure Point: Tour begins at Hobart’s vibrant waterfront, Constitution Dock.
  • Group Size: Intimate setting with a maximum of 12 guests per tour.
  • Vessel Details: Cruise aboard a custom-built vessel featuring a spacious enclosed cabin and luxury leather seats.
  • Guide Expertise: Knowledgeable guides with deep insights into local marine life and surroundings.
  • Booking: Advanced booking is recommended due to limited availability.
  • Special Requirements: Dietary needs and allergies can be accommodated with prior notice.

visitors holding a range of seafood on the seafood seduction tour

Essential Things to Know Before Your Seafood Cruise/Tour

Dress Appropriately: The weather can be unpredictable on the water and the temperature can change suddenly. We recommend dressing in layers and bringing a waterproof jacket. Comfortable, non-slip footwear is essential for safety on the boat.

Sun Protection: Even on cloudy days, UV rays can be strong. Bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat to protect yourself from the sun.

Seasickness Precautions: If you’re prone to seasickness, consider taking motion sickness medication before the tour. The waters are generally calm, but it’s best to be prepared.

Arrival Time: Please arrive at the departure point at least 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time. This ensures a timely start for the tour.

Camera and Binoculars: Don’t forget to bring a camera to capture the stunning scenery and wildlife. Binoculars can also enhance your experience, especially for bird watching.

Children on Board: While children are welcome, the tour is more suited for adults due to its duration and nature. Please consider this when booking.

Respect for Wildlife: We are visitors in the natural habitats of many species. Please enjoy observing the wildlife without disturbing them.

Environmental Consciousness: Help us preserve Tasmania’s pristine environment by avoiding littering and following our eco-friendly practices on board.

Stay Hydrated: Complimentary water is available on the boat. Staying hydrated is important, especially during warmer days.

No Smoking Policy: For the comfort and safety of all guests, smoking is not permitted on the boat.

Have Fun and Relax: Most importantly, be ready to enjoy a unique and memorable experience, filled with delicious food, breathtaking views, and the serene beauty of Tasmania’s waters.

Tour Operator: This tour is operated by Pennicott Wilderness Journeys. The knowledge and insight the team bring is something you will not find on other bookings.


What types of seafood can I expect on the platter?

Our seafood platter is a showcase of Tasmania’s finest, featuring freshly shucked oysters, premium rock lobster, dive-caught abalone, sea urchin, sashimi, and salmon. The selection is based on the day’s catch to ensure everything is as fresh as possible.

Can I taste different Tasmanian wines during the tour?

Absolutely! Our tour includes a curated tasting of exquisite Tasmanian wines, carefully selected to complement the seafood. You’ll enjoy a variety of local wines that highlight the quality and diversity of Tasmania’s vineyards.

How many people does the tour accommodate?

To ensure a personalized and intimate experience, our tour accommodates a small group of up to 12 people. This allows for a more enjoyable and interactive experience for everyone on board.

Is everything included in the price?

Yes, everything is included in the price. This encompasses the full-day cruise, all seafood and gourmet produce, a selection of Tasmanian wines, beers, ciders, and organic juices, as well as the expertise of our knowledgeable guides.

What is the quality of the seafood served on the tours?

We pride ourselves on the exceptional quality of our seafood. All seafood is freshly caught and prepared on board, ensuring the highest quality and taste. Our commitment to freshness and sustainability is at the heart of our culinary offerings.

Are there options for non-seafood eaters or those with dietary restrictions?

Yes, we cater to various dietary needs. Please inform us of any dietary restrictions or preferences when booking, and we will do our best to accommodate them, ensuring a delightful dining experience for all our guests.


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  • 8 hours
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  • Hobart, TAS
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