Learn to Fly Experience

Take an exhilarating journey with the "Learn to Fly Experience" in Tasmania. This unique flight allows you to take control of a Cessna 172 under the expert guidance of a fully-qualified instructor. Experience the thrill of taxiing, taking off, and conducting basic maneuvers as you soar over the stunning landscapes of Hobart and its surroundings. Whether you're exploring a newfound passion, considering a career in aviation, or simply seeking an unforgettable experience, this flight lesson offers a glimpse into the world of piloting an aircraft.

General Information:

  • Duration: 60-minute flight experience
  • Location: Hobart, TAS
  • Price: AU$299 per participant
  • Age Requirement: Minimum age is 12 years, subject to discretion based on physical ability to enter and exit the aircraft.
  • Booking: Advance booking is required, with availability 7 days a week. Please contact at least one week in advance to schedule your flight.
  • Weather Dependency: Flight schedules are subject to change based on weather conditions for safety reasons.
  • Cancellation Policy: Please refer to the specific terms and conditions regarding cancellations or rescheduling.

What You See/Get:

  • Pre-Flight Briefing: Receive a comprehensive safety briefing and learn the basics of aircraft control.
  • Hands-On Experience: Take the pilot’s seat, taxi the aircraft, take off, and perform basic flying maneuvers under the close supervision of your instructor.
  • Scenic Views: Enjoy breathtaking aerial views of Hobart city and its picturesque surroundings, providing a unique perspective of Tasmania’s natural beauty.
  • Professional Guidance: Your flight is conducted by experienced and friendly flight instructors, ensuring a safe and informative experience.
  • Future Opportunities: Interested in more than just a one-time experience? Explore options for part-time or full-time flight training to delve deeper into the world of aviation.
From AU$299 per Participant
  • Highlights
  • 30 Minute Flight Lesson
  • Activity Duration
  • 1 hour
  • Activity Location
  • Hobart, TAS
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