Tasman Island Cruises

Tasman Island
Join our award-winning 3 Hour Wilderness Cruise. See Australia's highest sea cliffs, explore caves and archways. Encounter wildlife such as seals, dolphins and seabirds.

What You Will Experience on Tasman Island Cruises

Embark on a tour along the breathtaking coastline between Port Arthur and Eaglehawk Neck, where you will witness the highest vertical sea cliffs in the Southern Hemisphere at Cape Pillar. This natural spectacle presents an awe-inspiring display of scenic Tasmanian sightseeing, rising majestically from the ocean.

Tasman Island and its surrounding waters are a haven for wildlife. As you explore, keep an eye out for the abundant sea birds, including albatross, sea eagles, and diving gannets. The area is also home to a variety of marine life. Depending on the season, you might spot migrating whales, playful dolphins, and hundreds of seals basking on the rocks.

The ship takes you close to fascinating rock formations, archways, and deep-sea caves carved by nature over millennia. Experience the thrill of exploring these natural wonders up close.

As you sail around Tasman Island, catch a glimpse of its historic lighthouse. Perched atop the island, this lighthouse has been a guiding beacon since 1906, symbolizing the challenges and isolation faced by early maritime navigators.

Our custom-built yellow boats are designed to offer you comfort while ensuring a minimal environmental footprint. The open-air tiered seating provides unobstructed views, connecting you directly with the stunning landscapes and wildlife of the Tasman Peninsula.

Each cruise is unique, as we tailor the route daily to make the most of the sea conditions and wildlife sightings. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a photography lover, or simply seeking adventure or a peaceful escape, this cruise offers an experience that everyone will enjoy.

General Information

Cruise Departure & Schedule

Departure Point: The cruise departs daily from Tasman Island Cruises Booking Centre, located at 6961 Arthur Highway, Port Arthur 7182.

Duration: Each cruise lasts approximately 3 hours, offering a comprehensive experience of Tasman Island and its surroundings.

Morning Cruise: Available all year. Check-in by 9:15 AM, with the cruise from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM approximately.

Afternoon Cruise: Available during peak periods. Check-in by 1:15 PM, with the cruise from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM approximately.

Getting There

Travel to Port Arthur: Guests should allow 90 minutes for the drive from Hobart to Port Arthur. It is crucial to check in on time for the pre-cruise briefing and bus transfer to the boat.

Bookings and Availability

Reservations: Advance booking is highly recommended as places are subject to availability.

Operating Days: Tours operate daily except on Christmas Day.

COVID-19 Precautions: In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have implemented safety measures to protect our guests and staff. Guests showing flu-like symptoms are advised to contact us to reschedule or cancel their booking.

Sea Sickness: If you are prone to sea sickness, we recommend taking preventative measures before getting on the boat.
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Essential Things to Know Before Your Cruise

Weather Variability: The weather in Tasmania can be unpredictable. Check the forecast and be prepared for changes in weather conditions, especially if your cruise is during the cooler months.

Early Arrival: We recommend arriving at least 30 minutes before your scheduled check-in time. This allows for a relaxed start and ensures you have enough time for the pre-cruise briefing.

Essential Items to Bring: Besides warm clothing, consider bringing sunglasses, sunscreen, and a hat for sun protection. If you’re prone to seasickness, bring appropriate medication.

Cameras: For those interested in photography, bring your camera with a strap. Binoculars can also enhance your experience, especially for wildlife spotting.

Seating: Our boats have open-air tiered seating. While this offers excellent views, remember that you will be exposed to the elements.

Restrooms: There is a toilet on the ships for passengers. However, it is recommended to use the facilities at the visitor centre prior to leaving on our trip.

Safety Briefing: Pay close attention to the safety briefing provided by our crew. Safety is our top priority, and we ensure that all guests are well-informed about our safety procedures.

Following Crew Instructions: Always follow the instructions given by the crew, especially in case of unexpected weather changes or emergencies.

Wildlife Interactions: While we often encounter wildlife, it’s important to observe them respectfully and quietly. Please do not attempt to feed or touch any animals.

Environmental Care: Help us preserve the natural beauty of Tasman Island by not littering and by being mindful of your impact on the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Get to Tasman Island?

Access by Boat: Tasman Island is accessible via our cruises, which depart from the Tasman Island

Cruises Booking Centre at 6961 Arthur Highway, Port Arthur 7182. The island itself is off the coast of the Tasman Peninsula.

Driving Directions: If driving from Hobart, allow approximately 90 minutes to reach the departure point.

Can You Stay on Tasman Island?

Tasman Island itself does not have facilities for overnight stays. It is primarily a destination

for day cruises due to its natural and protected status. Guests looking for accommodation can find various options in Port Arthur and the surrounding Tasman Peninsula, ranging from hotels to bed and breakfasts. You can contact our concierge service for assistance in booking your perfect trip.

Can You Go on Tasman Island?

Due to the rugged and protected nature of Tasman Island, landing on the island

is not part of our itinerary. Our trips focus on exploring the coastline and viewing the island’s natural beauty and wildlife from the boat.

What Should I Wear on the Cruise?

The weather can be a significant variable, so we recommend dressing in layers. Bring a waterproof jacket,

warm clothing, and sturdy footwear. Don’t forget hats and gloves, especially in cooler months.

Is the Cruise Suitable for Children?

Our cruises are suitable for children, and we ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all ages.

Children must be supervised by an adult at all times during the tour.

What Wildlife Might I See?

Depending on the season, you might see seals, dolphins, various species of whales,

and an array of seabirds like albatross and sea eagles. Wildlife sightings, while common, cannot be guaranteed as these are wild animals in their natural habitat.

Tour Options

The Tasman Island Boat Cruise can be combined with a Port Arthur Historic Site Tour, Devil Park Conservation ticket or Full Day Local Sightseeing Tour.

Important: The boat cruise-only option departs from Port Arthur; The Port Arthur Historic Site, Devil Park & and Sightseeing add-ons depart from Hobart.

Tasman Island Boat Cruise (Only)

The boat cruise departs from 6961 Arthur Highway Port Arthur.

Sight-seeing + (Tasman Island Boat Cruise)

Upon conclusion of the boat cruise, enjoy lunch and a sightseeing tour before your return trip to Hobart.

Itinerary for Sight-seeing Ticket

07:30am – Check in at Pennicott Wilderness Journeys Centre (Departs from Hobart)
07:45am – Bus departs
09:15am – Arrive on Tasman Peninsula, Morning Tea
10:00am – 3 Hour Wilderness Cruise (More details below)
01:00pm – Cruise concludes
01:15pm – Lunch, followed by local sightseeing tour
04:30pm – Bus departs
06:00pm – Arrive Hobart, hotel drop-off

Devil Park Conservation Ticket + (Tasman Island Boat Cruise)

The Tasmanian Devil Unzoo offers a unique and innovative experience, redefining the traditional zoo concept. Unlike conventional zoos, the Unzoo focuses on creating a natural habitat where most of the animals, including the famous Tasmanian devils, are wild rather than captive. This approach provides visitors with an authentic and immersive experience of Tasmania’s native wildlife in their natural environment.

Visitors to the Tasmanian Devil Unzoo can expect to spend a couple of hours exploring and engaging with the animals. It offers a chance to observe and learn about the unique wildlife of the area, particularly the endangered Tasmanian devil. This experience is not only educational but also plays a crucial role in conservation efforts for these iconic creatures.

Itinerary for Devil Park Conservation Ticket

07:30am – Check in at Pennicott Wilderness Journeys Centre (Departs from Hobart)
07:45am – Bus departs
09:15am – Arrive on Tasman Peninsula, Morning Tea
10:00am – 3 Hour Wilderness Cruise (Detailed information below)
01:00pm – Cruise concludes
01:15pm – Lunch
02:45pm – Visit Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park (Detailed information below)
04:30pm – Bus departs
06:00pm – Arrive Hobart, hotel drop-off

Port Arthur Historic Site + (Tasman Island Boat Cruise)

Port Arthur Historic Site is rich in history and natural beauty. It allows visitors to delve into the past, wandering through the haunting ruins and restored buildings of Port Arthur. The highlights include the Penitentiary, a striking ruin that once housed convicts; the Separate Prison, illustrating 19th-century punishment; the roofless yet impressive Convict Church; and the Commandant’s House, revealing the lifestyle of the settlement’s commanding officer.

Beyond its historical significance, the tour showcases the stunning natural beauty of Tasmania, featuring rugged coastlines, dramatic cliffs, and serene beaches along the Tasman Peninsula. The heritage gardens and extensive walking trails offer a peaceful retreat and stunning views. Ideal for families, the site provides educational and interactive experiences for children, making it a perfect blend of learning and outdoor enjoyment. Visitors are advised to wear comfortable walking shoes and weather-appropriate clothing, and to bring cameras for capturing the picturesque scenery. For a more in-depth look, or to book this portion alone, visit our Port Arthur Historic Site Tour page.

Itinerary for Port Arthur and Boat Cruise

07:30am – Check in at Pennicott Wilderness Journeys Centre (Departs from Hobart)
07:45am – Bus departs
09:15am – Arrive on Tasman Peninsula, Morning Tea
10:00am – 3 Hour Wilderness Cruise (Details below)
01:00pm – Cruise concludes
01:30pm – 3 Hours at the Port Arthur Historic Site
including lunch and time to explore (Details Below)
04:30pm – Bus departs
06:00pm – Arrive Hobart, hotel drop-off

From AU$175 per Guest
  • Highlights
  • 3 Hour Cruise
  • Activity Duration
  • 3 hours
  • Activity Location
  • Port Arthur, TAS
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