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Hundred Acres is a food and wine workshop located at Ghost Rock Vineyard in Northern Tasmania. The f...
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Hundred Acres is a food and wine workshop located at Ghost Rock Vineyard in Northern Tasmania. The f...
Image thanks to: Harriet Stevens
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Devonport Food and Wine

A Month of Culinary Culture


Devonport Food and Wine

The month of October features the city of Devonport’s culinary extravaganza, the Devonport Food and Wine Festival, showcasing local and international cuisine, cooking classes, wine tastings, chef tables, and so much more. Dine on a variety of food prepared with local ingredients by noted area chefs, visit a winery, or see how the locals make cheeses and cider.

What Can You Expect?

There will be food stalls, cooking demonstrations, and chef discussions, all to the backdrop of live entertainment and children’s activities throughout. Ticketed activities include high tea, luncheons, and dinner engagements featuring local chefs with innovative cuisine. Local excursions to vineyards and farms to see first-hand makings of Devonport’s celebrated wines, ciders and cheeses are also available.

Why Go?

Any foodie will agree that the Devonport Food and Wine Festival is the highlight of the season. Whether you want to learn about farm-to-table food preparation, sample new dishes, or discuss the local food scene with one of Devonport’s best restaurant chefs, this festival has it all. This is a great opportunity to take home some locally made products, or attend a storytelling session with your kids where they can learn about farming, gardening, and healthy food options. Relax and enjoy the tastes, sounds and lively atmosphere of the Devonport Food and Wine Festival.

When and Where?

The Devonport Food and Wine Festival is held throughout the month of October in the centre of Devonport and its neighbouring scenic areas.
Devonport is located in northwestern Tasmania, along the banks of the Mersey River.

Getting There?

Devonport is 3 hours north of Hobart by car. A bus trip will take you there in 5 hours. Flights are also available direct to Devonport from Hobart airport, or come by ferry from Melbourne.

Local Tips

Why not bring the kids and get them involved in a cooking class, where they can experience the history and culture of Devonport’s food scene, while snacking on a variety of tasty selections?


Admission to the tasting tables and display area in town is free. Food and drinks are available for purchase, and special events, such as festival dinners, lunches and excursions are ticketed separately.

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