Cygnet Folk Festival
Image thanks to: Tourism Tasmania & Steven Pearce Photography
Cygnet Market, Tasmania, Australia
Image thanks to: Tourism Tasmania & Rob Burnett
Cygnet Folk Festival
Image thanks to: Tourism Tasmania & Steven Pearce Photography

Cygnet Folk Festival

The Folksiest Thing Down Under


Cygnet Folk Festival

The Cygnet Folk Festival is one of Tasmania’s--if not Australia’s-- most celebrated annual folk music festivals, held every year in January. Attendees from all over the world can expect an eclectic mix of musical performers, artists dancers, local and international artisans.

What Is It?

The festival is a 3-day folk music event held in Cygnet, a village in Southern Tasmania. It is a non-profit community event held by Huon Folk, Inc. The colourful celebration of local culture and entertainment touts itself as a real music festival for real people with real events.

What You Can Expect

The festival offers folk, ethno, world, roots and acoustic music. Visitors can also expect to find local, national, and international singer-songwriters, along with a plethora of other creative minds, including those versed in poetry, dance, and local handicrafts.

Who Does It Appeal To?

The festival is a must for any young musician or artisan interested in the folk scene. For the learner, it also features master classes on festival acts such as film, poetry and music. One of its aims is also to provide support and opportunities to young musicians.

Why Go?

Gain awareness of the international folk scene and experience a rich cultural community event. Also a plus is the Huon region where it takes place, which is known for its breathtaking scenery.

When and Where?

The festival usually takes place on the second weekend of January every year in the small town of Cygnet, and dates all the way back to 1982. To get there, fly into Hobart and hire a car or take a bus into town. The festival is about an hour’s drive from Hobart’s International airport. There is parking available once you arrive at the festival grounds.

Local Tips

Go to the Cygnet Folk Festival website and volunteer. You may be able to get into the festival for free. The festival also usually attracts double or triple the population of the small village every year, so play it safe and book your tickets and accommodation early. Ticket holders are also eligible to camp on festival grounds.


Tickets and their prices are advertised on the Cygnet Folk Festival website every year on September 1. You can buy a ticket for the whole of the festival or just a day ticket, and as they often sell out, it’s best to book in advance.

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