Hobart Airport View Tasmania, Australia

Hobart Airport

Arriving at Hobart Airport – Be ready for a treat


Hobart Airport

The trip from the mainland of Australia will take just over an hour from Melbourne, 1 hour and 40 minutes from Sydney or about 2 hours from Brisbane. Arriving at Hobart Airport is a bit easier than most international airports. Although it is a major Tasmania airport, similar to Launceston Airport, it is not overly large and is easy to navigate.

The flight will either fly down the Coal River Valley – the views of Hobart will be on the right hand side of the plane – or will circle around over Frederick Henry Bay and Seven Mile Beach to land from the south.

You can get out of the front or rear of the plane – down the steps and walk across to the Arrivals Building. If it is raining, umbrellas are available at the foot of the stairs. If it is windy – more likely than not – be ready to hang on tight.

The arrivals area is not large and is dominated by people waiting to meet the passengers, drivers with signs and racks of promotional brochures. The luggage will arrive onto the single carousel. There are regulations regarding bringing fruit and vegetables into Tasmania and the cute sniffer dog will give your hand luggage a going over before moving on to the checking the carousel.

The car rental offices are about 25 metres from the exit doors. The coach transfer to Hobart City meets every flight and you can buy tickets on board the bus. Taxis leave from in front of the building (turn right when you go out the door – about 50 metres along). If you are picking up a campervan rental, call the rental company from the arrivals area.

You will drive into Hobart by crossing the Tasman Bridge – you cannot see the city from the airport.

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