Deloraine is a charming, historically interesting and attractive town located on the banks of the Meander River, 48 km west of Launceston. While not attracting tourists in the same numbers as Ross or Richmond it has been classified by the National Trust as a town of historical significance.
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Great Western Tiers Sculpture Trail
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Take a walk back in time at the Deloraine Folk Museum conveniently located at the Great Western Tier...
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Meander into beauty, history and art in Tasmania's largest inland town




You can find the quaint town of Deloraine on the Meander River in the north of Tasmania. It's quite fitting as Deloraine is a beautiful 20-minute drive from Mole Creek and its Great Western Tiers Visitor Center, so you might find yourself meandering through town. This is Tasmania's largest inland town with a population of near 3,000.


Tasmanian Craft Fair 2011, Tasmania, AustraliaDeloraine sits 50 kilometers away from Launceston and is an easy and beautiful 40-minute drive. Devonport is just 5 kilometers further away and a brisk 44-minute drive. Hobart, sitting on the other side of the island, is a 231-kilometer drive that takes 3 hours.

The National Trust has classified Deloraine for its historic buildings. Nestled up against the Great Western Tiers Mountain Range, Deloraine is home to one of Australia's biggest craft fairs. This tiny town grows tenfold every November for the springtime fair.

The 4-day Craft Fair boasts over 200 vendors and you'll be able to find everything from handmade trinkets to beautiful art pieces. And the street shops in this beautiful riverside town continue to sell unique crafts throughout the year.

You'll be able to enjoy well-preserved Georgian and Victorian architecture as you stroll through Deloraine's picturesque streetscape. Take a short break from craft shopping to enjoy the town's delicious bakeries, restaurants and cafés along the way.

Deloraine Folk Museum, Tasmania, AustraliaHistory buffs love this riverside town for its incredibly well-preserved Deloraine Museum. You'll find the museum inside of a house built back in 1856. This original family cottage was converted into an Inn back in 1863 and stayed in operation until 1894. It's now open to the public where you can take a tour through the cottage, the pub, the Jimmy Possum snug and its exhibition gallery. You'll also be able to tour the outdoor blacksmith shop, vehicle shed, garden and dairy.

While the annual craft fair draws tens of thousands of people every November, Deloraine has a massive silk artwork on display year round. Entitled YARNS, this massive artwork was created by more than 300 people in the Deloraine area. It took over 10,000 hours to finish and uses over 200 metres of silk. You'll see crowds gathering around the work for an audiovisual presentation which takes place every 30 minutes throughout the day.

Deloraine is also the perfect place for an outdoor vacation. All around this picturesque town are beautiful landscapes waiting to be discovered.

Deloraine draws a mixture of craft lovers, nature lovers and passersby. The town continues to sell handmade crafts throughout the year outside of its massive annual craft fair. You'll also meet plenty of nature lovers exploring the area around Deloraine only to return to town for a good meal and a warm bed at night. And Deloraine is right in the middle of the Meander Valley Highway which makes it the perfect rest stop for those exploring Tasmania by car.  Image Credit: Tourism Tasmania & Pete Mattila (Craft Fair) and Tourism Tasmania & Chris Crerar (Deloraine Museum)

Getting there

The Great Western Tiers touring route cuts right through the heart of Deloraine. This incredibly picturesque drive takes you on the Meander Valley Highway and Deloraine is situated right in between Launceston and Devonport. The inviting beauty of this colourful town attracts drivers to its shops, hotels, restaurants, galleries and cafés. And hikers will love the town for its central location to the beautiful natural surrounds.

Accommodation Offerings


Tasmania's largest inland town has a variety of accommodations. You'll find cottages, manors and hotels all near the centre of town. And it's fun to stay in Deloraine as you'll meet travellers of all different types in this  Highway attraction. Image Credit: Tourism Tasmania & Loic Le Guilly (British Style Cottage)

Activities and Things to Do and See

The Great Western Tiers Sculpture Trail takes you through town to a wide variety of statues. You'll be able to view statues that range from the informative and historic to the whimsical and comical all throughout town.

The Great Western Tiers Visitor Centre is in a historic building in the heart of town. You'll be able to get all the information you need to explore the beautiful natural surrounds of Deloraine.

The Deloraine Museum is a preserved 1856-built family cottage turned Inn. Open for tours, you'll be able to get a feel for life back in the mid-19th century as you walk through the property's cottage, pub, snug, exhibition gallery, blacksmith, vehicle shed, garden and dairy.

The YARNS Artwork in Silk is 200 meters worth of hand-dyed silk embroidered by more than 300 people. This massive and beautiful artwork comes alive every 30 minutes with an audiovisual presentation.

The Tasmanian Craft Fair is the largest in all of Australia and Deloraine's biggest draw. Starting the last Friday of October, this massive event draws tens of thousands with over 200 stalls. In fact, the crowd is so large that the fair offers a free shuttle bus service.

What to Eat

Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm Cafe, Tasmania, AustraliaThe center of town offers a variety of diners, delis, restaurants and pubs. You'll find deliciously quaint bakeries as well as lively bars in Tasmania's largest inland town. Image Credit: Phil Kuruvita (Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm Cafe)



The Deloraine area was first explored by Captain Roland back in 1821 as he searched for farmland in the area. New land was granted to settlers and the town grew into a major agricultural hub for the island. The town was named after a character in the epic poem entitled "The Lay of the Last Minstrels" written by Sir Walter Scott.

Deloraine is an incredibly attractive town and its residents take great pride in its beauty. In fact, this Meander River town has won the State Tidy Town's Award for 1992, 1993 and 1995. It's also won the Australian Community of the Year award in 1997.


Forest Walks Lodge, Tasmania, AustraliaThe weather is quite pleasant in Deloraine. The average high fluctuates between 15°C to 22° all year round. It rarely gets to freezing at night, but it does rain throughout the year. Image Credit: Tourism Tasmania & Chris Crerar (Forest Walk)


Useful Information/Local Tips

Check out the frenzied feeding of the Tasmanian devils over at Trowunna Wildlife Park.

The incredible limestone caves are worth a visit at nearby Mold Creek Karst National Park.

What's Nearby

Deloraine is home to rich farmland and you can tour the countryside to experience award-winning honey, raspberries, salmon and cheese.

Nearby Liffey Falls offers up an easy day's nature walk to a stunning waterfall.

Deloraine makes the perfect base camp to explore Cradle Mountain, the Great Western Tiers, Mole Creek and the Central Highlands. Tasmania's largest inland town is crowned by gorgeous natural settings waiting to be explored.

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