Derwent Valley Map

Use our Map of Derwent Valley to explore history, salmon, hopfields and waterfalls. The Derwent Valley is a terrific day drive from Hobart for those looking for a quick getaway for anything from outdoor adventures such as kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, hiking or mountain biking, to shopping for antiques, enjoying a delicious farm-to-table meal, or visiting a museum or wildlife sanctuary. The possibilities are endless!

This map gives you a wide contrast of scenery, from the various stages of the Derwent River, through rolling farmland which is a major hop producing area, and right into the old growth rainforest for which Tasmania is famous at Mt. Field National Park. Visit the towns of New Norfolk, Gretna, Plenty, Bushy Park, Glenora, Westerway and Hamilton. Drive around Lake Meadowbank.

Things to Look for in the Derwent Valley

New Norfolk

Established in 1806 by farmers re-settled from Norfolk Island, New Norfolk is one of the oldest townships in Australia. It boasts the oldest Anglican Church in Tasmania (1823) and the oldest continually licensed hotel in Australia – The Bush Inn – built in 1815 and using the same license continually since 1825. Drop in for a feel of local history. You could also enjoy some antique shopping or enjoy a delicious meal.

Day Drive to the Derwent Valley

It is a very pleasant drive north from Hobart into the Derwent Valley, and it can be taken as a day drive from Hobart. Full directions on how to take this day drive is in the Itineraries section.

The Salmon Ponds

Situated about midway between New Norfolk and Bushy Park on the B62 Road, the Salmon Ponds is the site of the first introduction of salmon and trout into Australia in 1864. It is well worth a visit with the trout fishing museum being of great interest. It is open every day.

Mt. Field National Park

As you head southwest on the B61 Road from Bushy Park, the Mt. Field National Park is on your right. Turn off and check into the Visitors Centre.

Russell Falls

Perhaps the most famous and most spectacular waterfall in Tasmania is Russell Falls. The access is by way of a well maintained track and handicapped access is no problem. If you are not driving yourself, a day tour to Mt. Field National Park will give you the chance to walk in the rainforest and see Russell Falls.

Hotels in the Derwent Valley

There is some excellent accommodation in New Norfolk. Tynwald Willow Bend Estate has a great location on the Derwent River. Other options include a small luxury hotel, cottages, a farmhouse, lodge, modern hotels, and more! Enjoy your time in the countryside and consider resting your head in a charming location, of which there are plenty to choose from in the Derwent Valley.

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