Tamar Valley Map

This map of Tamar Valley will enlighten you about the area between Launceston and Bass Strait. The Tamar Valley runs from Launceston to Bass Strait. It is a tidal estuary and is the cradle of Tasmania’s wine industry. Fine whites, delicate reds and wonderful scenery are a feature of the Tamar. The Tamar Valley also affords an excellent day of scenery and attractions. The Platypus House, Seahorse World, Hillwood Berry Farm, Bridestowe Estate Lavender Farm, the Tamar Wetlands Reserve and the Batman Bridge are worth visiting.

Launceston is situated 70 kilometres (44 miles) from the place where the Tamar Estuary meets Bass Strait at Low Head. The Batman Bridge crosses the Tamar near Beaconsfield, and its opening in 1968 made it possible to take a full day drive through both sides of the Valley. Be sure to stop at Brady’s Lookout on the west side between Legana and Exeter for great views out over the Tamar.

Things to Look for in Tamar Valley

Day Drive from Launceston

Driving away from Launceston on the west side of the Valley, taking in the Tamar River Conservation Area, the Artisan Gallery and Wine Centre, boutique wineries, Beaconsfield, Beauty Point and Low Head will take about half your day. Cross the Batman Bridge to the east side and it is the wine, fruit farms and the Lavender Farm on the return to Launceston.

Tamar River Conservation Area

This popular birdwatching and nature reserve stretches from the northern suburbs of Launceston to the Batman Bridge on the west side of the Tamar Valley. It includes the Tamar Island Wetlands Reserve.

The centre is located on the east bank of the Tamar Valley, about 25 minutes drive from Launceston. Even if you are not interested in the wine side of things, it is well worth a visit for its range of top quality Australian craftware, jewelry and fine art. If you are interested in the boutique wineries of the Tamar Valley, then it also has a great selection of hard to find wines.

Platypus House and Seahorse World

At Beauty Point, near the mouth of the Tamar, can be found Seahorse World and the Platypus House. Both are fascinating exhibits of interesting species. The Platypus House, in particular is of great interest. Allow at least two hours if you wish to take in both attractions in any depth.

Hillwood Berry Farm

Exit the A8 East Tamar Highway towards the river onto Hillwood Drive. From the west side of the Tamar, cross the Batman Bridge and head back towards Launceston.

If traveling from Launceston on the east bank of the Tamar, it will be on the left about 20 minutes out of Launceston. Pick your own raspberries, blackberries and strawberries in season.

Tamar Valley Wine Route

Tamar Valley Wine Route was voted one of the “Top 10 Wine Routes of the World” by Essential Travel Magazine. The Wine Route follows about 170 kilometres (105 miles) and visits more than thirty cellar doors – wineries both large and small. Follow the Yellow Wine Route Sign up the east side of the Valley, across the Batman Bridge and back to Launceston via the east bank.

Hotels in Tamar Valley

To stay among the vines, near Launceston and looking out over the Tamar valley, Rosevears Vineyard Retreat is hard to beat. At George Town, near the mouth of the Tamar on the East side, Peppers York Cove is right on the water and gives great access to the vineyards and attractions of the Pipers Brook wine area. Otherwise, you’ll have an array of options from modern hotels to farmstays – take your pick!

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