Huon Valley Map

Discover why Tasmania is called “The Apple Isle”! This scenic, rural valley will take your breath away with its charm and beauty. With so many sights and stops along the way, you’ll find the Huon Valley an incredible getaway from the city with non-stop jaw-dropping beauty, and delicious produce and treats to keep your stomach happy as well. From Hobart, drive north up Davey Street and take the A6 Southern Outlet Road to Kingston and on to Huonville. If you prefer the scenic route, stay on Davey Street until it becomes the B64 Huon Road.

Things to Look for in Huon Valley

The “Old Road” to Huonville

If you prefer the scenic route, take the “old road” to the Huon Valley. Winding, but scenic. Leave Hobart by driving up Davey Street towards Mount Wellington. Do not take the A6 southern Outlet to Huonville. Stay on Davey Street as it climbs through south Hobart and becomes the B64, Huon Road. You will wind through the foothills of Mount Wellington and on through Neika and Longley, to join the A6 at Lower Longley. This was the main road between the Huon and Hobart until the building of the A6 in the 1970’s.


Huonville is the main centre of the Huon Valley, having been first settled by Europeans in 1840. It is the first point at which a bridge could be built across the Huon River for the journey south to Geeveston and beyond. It is an ideal base for further exploration of the south, but in itself is also quite a treat, filled with one-of-a-kind shopping opportunities and mouth-watering produce to enjoy.

Apple and Heritage Museum

On the right as you come down the long hill into Huonville is the Apple and Heritage Museum. It is well worth stopping at for a view of the old Apple industry that fueled growth in the Huon Valley. Enjoy gazing at the vintage posters and machinery of the museum while savoring a fresh, organic cider (and maybe a slice of apple pie to go with it?).

Geeveston Forest and Heritage Centre

On the Main Road at Geeveston, look for the Forest and Heritage Centre. This is the gateway to the Tahune Forest Reserve and is an interesting display of the history of forestry in the area. This is a must-see for history buffs longing to have a better understanding of the region.

Tahune AirWalk Geeveston

This spectacular walkway gets you off the ground and high into the forest canopy of the Tasmanian bush. It is a level steel structure that travels 1.6 kilometres (about one mile) and offers views of the forest canopy and the Huon River. It’s a perfect stop that will enthral the entire family. It is owned and operated by Forestry Tasmania.

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