Imagine strolling on a white sanded beach on a gorgeous day, looking out on a stunning ocean coastline and a surrounding quaint town. If this sounds like the scene from a movie, it’s not. It’s just one of the jaw-dropping views offered in Tasmania’s Freycinet National Park. Located on the island’s east coast, Freycinet National Park is one of the most photographed regions of Tasmania for a good reason. When I think about the scenic granite mountaintops and the secluded bays on in the park, I’m instantly relaxed. It’s truly a nature lover’s paradise. Whether you’re a beachgoer, an avid hiker or wildlife enthusiast, this national park has something to offer you.   Although I could think of a hundred things I love about Freycinet National Park, I’ve managed to narrow down a list of my top ten absolute favorite things to do while I’m there. If you’re ready to dive into all the reasons this park is so magnificent, sit back and relax. You’ll be grabbing your suitcase and passport and heading there in no time.

Exploring Tasmania’s Incredible Freycinet National Park

First, let me properly introduce you to this incredible place by providing a little more background information. Freycinet National Park was founded in 1916 and ranks among Tasmania’s oldest parks. It encompasses most of the Freycinet Peninsula on the island’s east coast. It’s roughly an hour and twenty-minute drive from Hobart, making it a wonderful day trip for those who are located in or near the city. For the ocean lover, what you really need to know about are the incredible Tasmania beaches. Just thinking about Wineglass Bay transports me back to the captivating coastline and spectacular scenic views. Located inside Freycinet National Park, Wineglass Bay is consistently voted one of the world’s best beaches. This might be due to its unique, pink and white granite peaks or the exotic bush that is perfect for a nature stroll. One of my favorite aspects of the park is that it’s home to a vast amount of rare wildlife. Lizards are abundant throughout the park. You’ll also see plenty of sightings of the red-necked wallaby, also referred to as Bennett’s Wallaby. This is incredibly special as these animals are extinct anywhere outside of Tasmania.   For the outdoorsman and plant enthusiast, Freycinet National Park is also home to more than 500 types of plants. If you’re a flower lover like myself, you may catch a glimpse of a few of the 80+ species of orchids. Now that I’ve scratched the surface of this captivating national park, let’s dive deeper into some of my favorite things to do there. There is truly something for everyone. I promise you won’t be disappointed.    

1. Snorkeling Off The Shores is World Class  

With gorgeous weather throughout the summer months, Tasmania is a snorkeler’s paradise. Specifically, Freycinet National Park offers snorkelers plenty of opportunities to explore pristine, warm ocean water. Consider snorkeling off of Coles Bay, which is often considered the gateway to the park. Be sure to bring your underwater camera! You won’t want to miss a moment of beautiful scenery.

2. Kayaking Honeymoon Bay is a Dream

If you’re more of a boat person than a swimmer or snorkeler, kayaking is a fantastic option for you to consider while you’re exploring Freycinet National Park. Honeymoon Bay is a frequent stop for people looking to put in a kayak, or simply stop for a quick picnic. It’s not uncommon for a dolphin to join you on your kayaking adventure, either!

3. Hike on Serene Beaches

There is no shortage of places to hike in Freycinet National Park. You’ll have a harder time deciding where not to hike, than anything! As someone who loves a little peace and quiet off the beaten path, I personally prefer exploring the Hazards Beach area. Its paths wraps around the beach, offering the ultimate remote walk. Chances are, you’ll spot a wallaby or two along your way!

4. Honeymoon in Paradise

Freycinet may be the absolute ideal spot for a honeymoon! Gorgeous beaches? Check. Serene hiking and walking paths? Confirmed. A sleepy little town to explore, full of shops and restaurants? You got it. Consider Tasmania’s oldest national park after celebrating your wedding nuptials.

5. Explore a Variety of Wildlife

As I’ve previously mentioned, the park is home to many incredible animal species, including the wallaby. Be sure to also keep an eye out for the black swan while exploring The Moulting Lagoon! The Lagoon is a protected bird sanctuary inside the park that you don’t want to miss if you’re a wildlife fan like I am. If you sit at one of the amazing beaches long enough, you may even see a whale pop out of the water as well. Wildlife is all around within the park.

6. Experience Amazing Weather Year-round

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Many tourists simply cannot believe the desirable weather that Tasmania, and Freycinet National Park, offer. At its lowest, temperatures rarely drop below 5-6 °C. During the summer, more often than not you’ll experience gorgeous, 20-30 °C days. You simply cannot beat that!

7. Relax Off the Beaten Path

Although the park is one of Tasmania’s most visited tourist attractions, it amazes me that there are still so many areas of Freycinet National Park that offer total relaxation and serenity. If you’re trying to avoid crowds, I suggest staying away from busy Wineglass Bay mid-day during the summer months. Otherwise, stroll through the park’s remote trails, the bird sanctuary or even the more isolated areas of Honeymoon Bay. Hello, peace and quiet near the breathtaking Tasmania beaches.   

8. Choose From Unlimited Camping Opportunities

There is a wide array of camping opportunities to consider in and around the park. It simply comes down to whether or not you’re aiming for a luxury experience, or are willing to rough it! Coles Bay offers some of my favorite eco-retreats right near the park’s entrance. Don’t rule out camping sites in the nearby towns of Swanick and Swansea, either. Once you’ve decided on your campsite preference, you won’t believe the gorgeous evening sky, or the sound of the birds who live in the park, chattering at night!     

9. Explore Nearby Coastal Towns

Freycinet National Park also offers nearby coastal towns that simply aren’t worth missing. Nearby Freycinet Marine Farm offers incredible, fresh oysters for dinner. Alternatively, Tombolo Freycinet in Coles Bay is a local café with views of the Hazards Mountain range. Also, consider Bay Resort in Wineglass Bay, which has such close access to the park. The Edge within the Resort offers an absolute exquisite dining experience.

10. Take Advantage of Amenities for Visitors

The park truly does offer the best of both worlds. Although it is remote and you can find those more desolate areas to relax, it also offers the amenities you need, especially if you’re camping. With the close proximity to several towns, you won’t be left wishing you had access to “regular” things, I promise! There is a large gift shop, as well as several amazing restaurants nearby, as I mentioned above.

Discover Tasmania’s Incredible Freycinet National Park

If you’re ready to pull the trigger and book a one-of-a-kind, amazing trip to Freycinet National Park, you won’t regret it. The team at can help you get started and answer any questions you have about your adventure. From the best possible customer service to in-depth, local knowledge, you’re in good hands planning your next holiday with them. Explore additional information on visiting Freycinet National Park now, or discover its incredible surroundings and proximity to other attractions on the island. For more information visit



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