Okay, it’s time to get brutally honest. Did anyone else use to dread long and boring road trips with their families as a kid? I know I sure did. Even the phrase “road trip” elicits memories of a hot car, bland scenery passing by the windows and my siblings fighting in the backseat.

The good news is that not all road trips have to be as boring as mine were growing up! In fact, your next family road trip will be anything but when you visit Tasmania. There is an incredible amount of memorable and exciting things to do in Tasmania. The hard part is narrowing down the type of adventure you’re looking to take on with your family.  

I’m helping you explore some of the best self drive Tasmania tours by outlining some of my very favorites. The island truly has something for everyone. From unforgettable coastlines and ocean views to diverse and unique wildlife experiences, you cannot go wrong with a Tasmanian vacation for the whole family.  Along the way you’ll make discoveries of your own and the kids are sure to want to and stop and get a closer look at some of the adorable creatures meandering through the fields and farms.  One of our favorite stops on a recent road trip included saying hello to some of the cutest llamas you’ve even seen (yes, they were smiling at us, we’re convinced! The kids could hardly contain their giggles).

Sit back and relax and let me take you on a tour of some of the best self drive experiences that Tasmania has to offer. Isn’t it time to start creating memories of a lifetime with your family? Let’s get started.   

7-Day Wild West Coast Self Drive Tasmania Tour Package  

If you’re looking to experience all that the west coast of Tasmania has to offer, this tour is an absolute must. I find that 7 days is the perfect amount of time to truly experience things to do in Tasmania when it comes to a self drive adventure. You’ll have enough time to take advantage of Tassie’s coastline and points of interests without having to rush through each scenic town to get through the entire tour.  Tassie is a land to be savoured and 7 full days will allow for some fun and relaxation, rather than hurry and miss the passing beauty.

Let me set the scene: first, your family’s adventure will begin in Launceston. From there, you’ll be guided across the west coast’s wilderness and UNESCO listed world heritage area. There is nothing quite like gazing out your car window and seeing the lush wilderness and pristine lakes of this area in all of their splendour.

Next, you’ll head towards ancient Dove Lake and Cradle Mountain National Park. This is an ideal stop for a picnic or perhaps for swinging by a local restaurant and experience the world-class, local cuisine. Finally, you’ll continue to follow the incredibly picturesque Gordon River. You’ll finish the tour in bustling Hobart. If you’re looking for family-oriented things to do in Tasmania, this tour is the answer.

My only regret from this unforgettable journey was not capturing enough photos. So be sure your camera (or mobile phone) is charged and ready to go!

8-Day History, Art and Nature Self Drive Tour  

Calling all my nature and history lovers! I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things to do when I’m on holiday is to gain a thorough understanding of the unique history of the area. In terms of things to do in Tasmania, this self drive experience ticks all the right boxes if you’re looking for a cultural adventure.     

There is nothing like seeing both the old and the new in a place like Tasmania. History buffs will appreciate the fascinating (and sometimes dark) history of what was once called “Van Diemen’s Land”.  In terms of natural beauty, this tour had me discovering Dove Lake in stunning Cradle Mountain National Park, as well as the famous view of Wineglass Bay. When I’m looking to be wowed by exotic wildlife and incredible views, this is my go-to self drive Tasmania adventure.

Aside from the stunning nature aspects of the tour, it also includes entry into the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA). I can absolutely guarantee that you have seen nothing like this museum in your life…EVER (take note that certain exhibits are not as family-friendly, but you can easily navigate your way through the museum and focus on the exhibits that best suit you and your loved ones….there are many rooms and hallways to explore).  It is chock full of art that will fascinate and “wow” you for hours.

View of Hobart from Mt Wellington/kunanyi Lookout

One of the best parts of this tour for me, however, is the fact that I get a day-by-day guided itinerary, which means I don’t have to think about what I want to see the next day or how to get there. The hard work and research has been done for you and you can enjoy the ride!  In the event I do have questions, the Concierge Team is incredibly helpful and available via email or phone at all times. This is my kind of adventure.

 9-Day Tassie Icons Self Drive Package in Hobart    

Next up on my list of unforgettable self drive adventures and things to do in Tasmania and is the 9-Day Tassie Icons Tour. As someone who loves experiencing places and landmarks that only the locals know about, this tour is absolutely my style. Who can beat time spent at Devils@Cradle seeing the iconic Tasmanian Devil, or the Gordon River Cruise?

If your family is looking for an authentic, all-encompassing road trip, this is it. First, you’ll begin by driving past Dove Lake and Cradle Mountain National Park. Throughout your guided trip you’ll also see the Gordon River and Port Arthur Historic convict site. There isn’t a single day of this 9-day excursion that doesn’t offer something spectacular.

Among my highlights from this tour were:

  • The National Park Pass which allowed me entry to experience Tasmania’s world-class wildlife and parks.
  • 8 nights of superior accommodations throughout Tasmania.
  • The local knowledge and insight that the tour provided that I simply couldn’t get anywhere else.

Say goodbye to your outdated family road trips for good. Instead, explore things to do in Tasmania on your own terms and experience all of its must-see attractions.

Discover Things to Do in Tasmania For a Family Road Trip

If you’re ready to get the ultimate travel inspiration and learn about all that Tasmania has to offer, consider booking a self drive tour today. The things to do in Tasmania throughout these tours includes popular landmarks, exotic wildlife and so much more.

The team at Tasmania.com can help you book your next extraordinary Tasmanian adventure. They’ve got you covered from start to finish with top-notch service and local expertise.


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