While those in Tasmania can vouch for how clean the air is, a spate of publications are ringing the bells to remind the world that Cape Grim in Tasmania has the cleanest air on the earth. The air is so clean, that companies like Air Bubble, harvest and can air from the North West tip of Tasmania so you can breathe the fresh Tasmanian air anywhere in the world.

Where is the cleanest air in the world found?

Located on a remote peninsula off the north-western tip of Tasmania, Cape Grim is a unique spot known for having some of the cleanest air on Earth. The air pollution station on Cape Grim diligently collects and analyzes air composition, untouched by local pollution sources. The Southern Ocean’s strong westerly winds keep the air clean, often reaching ferocious speeds of up to 180km/hr. This wind energy is harnessed by the Woolnorth Wind Farm, one of the largest in the world.

Since 1956, air samples have been collected from Cape Grim, carried by the wind from the unspoiled lands of Antarctica. This data on wind speed and direction provides crucial insights into global average atmospheric concentrations.

The Cape Grim Baseline Atmospheric Pollution Station (CGBAPS) plays an instrumental role in climate change research. Monitoring stratospheric ozone depletion gathers significant weather and climate information. This data contributes to our understanding of how the global atmosphere has evolved over time. The air archive at CGBAPS serves as a valuable resource for future measurements. Other remote clean-air sites of similar importance include Mauna Loa Station, Macquarie Island, Casey Station, and Ny-Ålesund.

Cape Grim offers more than just fresh air

Cape Grim is steeped in history, being part of the ancestral lands of the Indigenous Pennemuker people. Traces of their millennia-old presence are found in shell middens along the shores. The tragic Cape Grim massacre in 1828 had a devastating impact on the local population. Today, concerted efforts are underway to revive the Pennemuker people’s culture and language. Visitors are educated about the region’s history through cultural immersions and site visits.

a woman enjoying a breath of the cleanest air on earth in Cape grim Tasmania

The pristine environment of Cape Grim is perfect for producing high-quality products. Local entrepreneurs capitalize on this, selling bottled rainwater, handcrafted spirits, and even bottled Tasmanian air. The region is also famous for its fine produce, like beef, honey, cheese, oysters, and lobster. Cape Grim beef, in particular, enjoys worldwide renown.

The island’s unique location, with South America to its west and nothing else in between, contributes to its distinctive climate, including nor-easterly winds. This location, combined with the clear night skies, rugged beaches, and fewer crowds, makes it a haven for stargazers and nature lovers. Despite the restlessness caused by prolonged winds, the island’s inhabitants cherish their peaceful environment. The friendly, close-knit community is both welcoming and supportive, attracting a fascinating mix of personalities.

The island is home to a high hill that offers stunning sea views, leaving visitors in awe of its lushness and cleanliness. This viewpoint encapsulates the island’s indescribable natural beauty, making it one of the greenest places in the world.

In conclusion, Cape Grim is an island that offers much more than clean air. It has natural beauty, rich history, and valuable scientific research. It’s a tranquil retreat for its inhabitants, a source of high-quality produce, and a testament to the resilience and cultural richness of its indigenous people.

If you want to look into visiting Cape Grim to experience everything it has to offer, reach out to our Tasmania concierge, who would be happy to help.


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