If you’re like me, you believe that one of the best parts of going on holiday is experiencing the local cuisine. Do I see you nodding your head in agreement there? If so, let me share a little about why an island cruise all about food is one of my all-time favorite Tasmania tours to join if you’re checking out the island. First off, let me just say that, if cruising on the ocean – wind in your hair, nothing on the horizon – is your kind of getaway, it’s time to think outside of the box and break free from the usual cruise experience. Why not one of the Tasmania tours that promise an unforgettable holiday spent soaking up some of the most gorgeous scenery your eyes have ever seen while enjoying, you guessed it, some world-class cuisine?   Picture this: You’re surrounded by the gorgeous, lush scenery of the Tasmanian coastline. After spending the day on a custom-built vessel enjoying the finest wines, you’ll get the unique treat of harvesting your own fresh oysters. Then, the seafood feast commences! What I love most about this Tasmania island tour is that it’s equal parts hands-on and laidback, being 100% focused on giving you an unforgettable taste of Tassie. Before I make you hungry and get too far into the highlights one of the Tasmania tours that are after my own heart, let’s recap on the island:

Tasmania is Truly A One-of-a-Kind Destination  

Located approximately 240 km off the beautiful coast of Australia, Tasmania is the 26th-largest island in the world. This gorgeous destination is an emerging tourist spot due to its incredible scenery, cuisine and culture. But don’t worry – you won’t find hoards of tourists here – about 42 percent of Tasmania is currently in protected land, making it an ideal vacation for both wildlife enthusiasts and culture seekers.

A Landscape and Cultural Experience You Won’t Forget    

If you’re as excited about experiencing new, unique cultural experiences as I am (and also happen to be a major foodie), you’ll love the year-round activities throughout Tasmania. From various musical performances, boat shows, sporting events to food and wine shows, I’m never at a loss for something fun to do when I’m there.   Feeling up to a new, outdoor adventure? Step off the cruise ship and into nature! I was shocked at the pure number of hiking trails, beach strolls, heli-bike ventures (what’s that you say? Look no further for more info on the bike tours in Tasmania) and city walking tours throughout the island to take advantage of. But when I’m looking to sit back and relax, the food and wine tours are more my scene. Show me a better pairing than seafood and white wine.

A Well-Kept Foodie Secret    

I don’t consider myself an expert food-scene critic, but I really love trying out new tastes, flavors and pairings, which is why I perked up my ears when I heard that there’s all that and more in Tasmania. Tours about food? Locally brewed beers, whimsical winery roads tucked into island valleys? More details, please. Known for its smoked salmon, Tasmania is a large exporter of a variety of different seafood options. From fresh fish to oysters and other local delicacies, if you’re a seafood enthusiast, you’ll seriously be in heaven during your stay here. Still with me? Drooling yet? Here’s a roundup of my favorite food-based Tasmania tours that you should consider for your next trip. Starting with that food cruise I mentioned.

All-About-Food Tasmania Tours

For me, there is nothing more luxurious than enjoying a day of relaxation filled with my favorite delicacies. If you’re a water lover, consider a cruise that offers fresh rock lobster and oysters shucked straight from the water.   The Seafood Seduction Tour is one of the best cuisine-and-cruise experiences offered in Tasmania. Just imagine a daily itinerary like this…    
  • The adventures begin at Hobart’s vibrant waterfront. The boat you’ll be on for the full-day experience features spacious enclosed cabins and luxury leather seats. I love the intimate setting – you’ll be one of 12 guests treated on this incredible excursion.
  • First, you’ll cruise down the Derwent River and into the sheltered waters of the D’Entrecasteaux Channel that surround Bruny Island.
  • Throughout the day, you’ll see picturesque landscapes and beautiful deserted beaches. I personally love how knowledgeable the boat’s crew is about the wildlife and scenery.
  • Next, it’s time to stop and harvest fresh oysters to enjoy! If you’re into snorkeling and exploring the gorgeous beach, there is time for that, too.
  • Lastly, the day ends with an amazing seafood feast. I’m talking rock lobster, abalone, sea urchin, mussels, oysters, sashimi, and salmon. And don’t forget about the gourmet spread of fresh local breads, salads and artisan cheeses, and matched with Bruny Island Premium WinesJansz Sparkling, boutique Moo Brew beersWillie Smiths & Frank’s cider and locally-made organic juices.
The bottom line: this seafood cruise is a once in a lifetime experience, created with the foodie and luxury traveler in mind. In addition to a superior seafood experience, a guided winery tour is an absolute must during your holiday (or something to add to your list for the next visit). Local wines are often expertly paired with the islands very own boutique cheeses from local dairy farms.   If you prefer your food adventures not leave port, there are plenty of Tasmania tours that focus on local vineyards and on-foot adventures tours.

1. Coal River Valley Wine Tour

Calling my fellow wine-lovers! It’d be a missed opportunity to visit Tasmania and NOT visit 2 or 3 of the local vineyards. The Coal River tour takes you beyond the glass though, letting you taste multiple wines from the refreshingly crisp to the velvety smooth. Plus, your savant of a local guide will ensure that you learn about the different grape varieties on the island, as well as the wine-making process itself. The experts behind this itinerary wouldn’t let anyone other than a foodie lead this tour, and I can vouch for that!

2. Bruny Island Traveller – Seven-Course Gourmet Day Tour

There are a few Tasmanian tours that are specifically created to immerse you in the local food culture and this is one of them. Dive off the deep end right into Bruny Island’s cheese, oyster, fudge, honey, berries, wine and whiskey selections. I love learning more about the harvesting process and the first-hand experiences from the locals who produce these incredible products.   I like that this day trip is feasible no matter how long you are on the island. Plus, it’s a treat to more than the tastebuds: Throughout the day you’ll see The Neck’s unforgettable scenery, a deserted beach, a dense rainforest, and undoubtedly some diverse wildlife – like rare white wallabies.

3. Southern Gourmet Safari

  This safari is all about the hunt – of fantastic foods, of course. You’ll be based in Hobart, where you get to peek behind 3 great local cellar doors for extensive and fun wine tastings and visit a gourmet cheese factory. Finally, if strawberry picking is your thing, you’re also in luck. You’ll get to explore the town, visit eclectic shops and stop by my favorite chocolate factory in town. If you’re ready to experience something new and unforgettable, Tasmania tours based on the island’s best foods and wines are the answer. Browse through a range of incredible Tasmania tours available today to begin looking forward to an incredible holiday.


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