One of the 60 Great Short Walks series, this walk starts at the top of Peoples Park, in Strahan, and is a gentle, meandering stroll through sweet-smelling bush to a delightful waterfall.
Image thanks to: Pete Harmsen
One of the 60 Great Short Walks series, this walk starts at the top of Peoples Park, in Strahan, and...
Image thanks to: Pete Harmsen

Hogarth Falls


Hogarth Falls


Length: 2.4 kilometres return
Location: Strahan
Grade: 2 (easy walk along a flat track)
Distance from: Hobart - 303 km, Launceston - 275 km, Devonport - 227 km

This easy walk along a flat grade takes you through a mixed forest of towering gum trees, Leatherwood, sassafras and myrtle. The 40-minute return walk will take you to the base of the pretty Hogarth Falls which is worth a social media pic. But it's the Platypus that you can see along the trail that is the real prize. The falls also give you a great excuse to visit the quaint seaside town of Strahan.

Getting There

You'll find these falls in the west coast town of Strahan. The trailhead can be found in the People's Park which is midway between the Strahan Wharf and the town's Regatta Point. There are no facilities at the trailhead or in Peoples Park, but you can find all sorts of facilities in Strahan town just 1.5 kilometers away via The Esplanade. You can also walk to town on the Foreshore Walking Track.

The closest big city to the falls is Devonport which is three hours away. Launceston is a bit further at almost four hours away and Hobart is furthest at four and a half hours.

The Trail

The track meanders through cool rainforests along a creek. If you're lucky, you'll be able to see Platypus in the creek around dusk; one of Tasmania's prized animal sightings as the critter is notoriously skittish.

There are informative signs throughout the short trail that inform you of the area and its history. There are some cute displays of drawings created by school children, as well. The track will ascend noticeably, but not terribly, right towards the end.

Hogarth Falls stands about 15 metres high and is split. Two falls cascade down a slightly tiered cliff and you can enjoy the falls from a well-built observation deck.


This is a short track near the well-stocked town of Strahan. Just make sure to pack a light rain jacket as it can rain unexpectedly at any time of year.

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