Deloraine is a charming, historically interesting and attractive town located on the banks of the Meander River, 48 km west of Launceston. While not attracting tourists in the same numbers as Ross or Richmond it has been classified by the National Trust as a town of historical significance.
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Great Western Tiers Sculpture Trail
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Forest Walks Lodge offers eco friendly accommodation in a hidden valley near Deloraine on the edge o...
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The Mole Creek Karst National Park includes some of Tasmania's most visited cave systems, including ...
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Take a walk back in time at the Deloraine Folk Museum conveniently located at the Great Western Tier...
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Deloraine Accommodation


Deloraine Accommodation

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Tasmania's largest inland town has a variety of accommodations. You'll find cottages, country inns, eloquent manors and hotels all near the centre of town. And it's fun to stay in Deloraine as you'll meet travellers of all different types, including hikers who are keen to explore the gorgeous natural surroundings. Image Credit: Tourism Tasmania & Loic LeGuilly (British Style Cottage)



You can find the quaint town of Deloraine on the Meander River in the north of Tasmania. It's quite fitting as Deloraine is a beautiful 20-minute drive from Mole Creek and its Great Western Tiers Visitor Center, so you might find yourself meandering through town. This is Tasmania's largest inland town with a population of near 3,000.


Getting There

The Great Western Tiers touring route cuts right through the heart of Deloraine. This incredibly picturesque drive takes you on the Meander Valley Highway and Deloraine is situated right in between Launceston and Devonport. The inviting beauty of this colourful town attracts drivers to its shops, hotels, restaurants, galleries and cafés. And hikers will love the town for its central location to the beautiful natural surrounds.

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