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Creepy Crawly Nature Trail Walk


Creepy Crawly Nature Trail Walk


Location: Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park
Length: 500 metres return
Grade: 1 (flat and compact trail suitable for everyone)
Distance from: Hobart - 117 km, Launceston - 259 km, Devonport - 297 km

The Creepy Crawly Nature Trail is a 20-minute return walk inside the pristine the beautiful Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park. This fully boarded track brings you through cool temperate rainforests where informational displays will teach you about Tasmania's flora and fauna. You might be able to turn over a few rocks to find some creepy crawlies. The track contains 165 steps that may be gently graded in some sections, but it is suitable for just about anyone and is especially recommended for children. It is not recommended for those who have trouble climbing stairs or bending down to duck branches.

Getting There

The Gordon River Road weaves its way through the Wild Rivers National Park. About 60 kilometres down the road, you'll find a left-hand turn to Scotts Peak Road. Take the left and drive 2.5 kilometres to find the trailhead for this educational walk.

The drive from Hobart should take you a little less than two hours while a drive from Launceston should take you approximately three hours and 33 minutes. Devonport sits about four hours away to the north.

This family-friendly walk is the perfect side adventure on a drive towards Strathgordon. It gives you a chance to spread your legs while the kids can use up some of their day's energy. And you might learn something in the process.


You'll have to step over and duck under a few branches along the track, and the boardwalk can be slippery after a recent rain, so walk carefully using shoes with good traction.

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