Sunrise over Kingston Beach
Image thanks to: Tourism Tasmania & Nick Osborne
The Shot Tower is Taroona's most distinctive and important landmark, and one of Tasmania's most hist...
Image thanks to: Tourism Tasmania & Kathryn Leahy


A quiet southern suburb of Hobart by the sea




The town of Kingston rumbles to life every weekday morning. The ocean's mist curls through Kingston's hills as commuters get ready to go to work in Hobart. This southern seaside suburb is only 12 kilometer south of Hobart CBD and serves as a quiet retreat for those who work in Tasmania's largest city.

Kingston is in one of the fastest-growing regions of Tasmania. It serves as the seat of the Kingborough Council and the gateway to the D'Entrecasteaux Channel region and the Derwent River beyond. This quiet piece of Greater Hobart was named the Best Suburb in Australia for Families by Aussie Home Loans.


Statistically speaking, the Kingston area is its own urban area outside of Hobart, but the town can be considered a part of the Greater Hobart area. The heart of Hobart CBD is only a 15-minute drive from most homes in the Kingston area.

Kingston is considered a beachside suburb of Hobart, but the town limits do not include a beach. However, this upmarket suburb is just a few minutes from the water on Hobart's southern coast.

The Shot Tower, Tasmania, AustraliaThis suburb is mostly residential but has a few area attractions including the historic St. Clement's Church, the Australian Antarctic Division Headquarters and the 1870-built Shot Tower.

Kingston draws travelers for its peace. If you're the type of traveler who does not appreciate Hobart's urban noise and crowds, you might consider wandering down the coast for a quieter spot. Kingston serves as a suburban escape from Tasmania's largest city.

Nature lovers will appreciate the Australian Antarctic Division Headquarters in Kingston. The headquarters are open to the public Monday through Friday and offer plenty of exhibits featuring Australia's exploration of the seventh continent.

The Shot Tower, Tasmania, AustraliaHistory buffs flock to the Shot Tower which was built on the road into Kingston in 1870. This magnificently tall tower was used to manufacture musket bullets, is well preserved and open to the public.

This quiet suburb also has the Kingston Beach Golf Course. It's only 12 km from Hobart CBD and offers golfers beautiful views on a challenging and windy course. Image credit: Tourism Tasmania & Kathryn Leahy (Inside The Shot Tower)

Accommodation Offerings

Kingston is not known as a tourist destination unto itself, so accommodations are fairly scarce. You'll find a few hotels in the middle of town as well as pods for hire on the northwest outskirts. Image: Hotel Room


Activities and Things to Do and See

The St. Clement's Church is at 100 Beach Road. This all-timber church was built using huon pine back in 1874. The church's spire features a rare fixture -- a weather cock instead of a crucifix. A newer church has been erected next to the original, but the original is still open to the public.

The Australian Antarctic Division Headquarters is at 203 Channel Highway. The headquarters is open on weekdays between 8:30 AM and 5 PM. Sir Douglas Mawson's sled is on display as well as photographs and Antarctic artifacts.

You'll find Blackmans Bay Blowhole at the north end of Blackmans Bay on Talone Road. Take a pleasant walk through Mary Knoll Reserve to watch high tide waters blast through the small blowhole. It is especially dramatic when the Derwent River is violently rough. The drive around Blackmans Bay, Pierson's Point Lookout and Tinderbox give you sweeping views of the channel and the far-off Bruny Island.

What to Eat

You'll find a few fast food restaurants in the heart of Kingston. There's also an Indian food restaurant in the middle of town. But you're only a short drive from Hobart and all the city has to offer. Image Credit: Tourism Tasmania & Hobart City Council (Salamanca Market)




Botanist Robert Brown visited the Kingston area in 1804. Nearby Brown's River is named after this intrepid botanist. But the Kingston area was settled four years later by Thomas Lucas, Sophie Lucas and family. They were evacuated from Norfolk Island and pioneered the settling of the Kingston area in its early years.

Many Dutch families relocated to Kingston after World War II in the 1950s. Kingston has a close relationship with the Dutch community to this day.


Sunrise over Kingston Beach, Tasmania, AustraliaKingston features a mild temperate oceanic climate with four distinct seasons.  And while Kingston rarely ever sees snowfall, nearby Mount Wellington receives occasional snow during all four seasons. Image Credit: Tourism Tasmania & Nick Osborne (Sunrise over Kingstone Beach)

What's Nearby

Over 4,000 bricks make up the nearby Shot Tower. This National Trust-listed building was completed in 1870 and is the only circular Shot Tower in the southern hemisphere. A shot Tower is built for the purposes of producing shots for antique guns. Molten lead would be poured through perforations and dropped into water inside the tower to become a spherical bullet.

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