Bridport is a popular beachside holiday destination, famous for its white sandy beaches, coastal parks and bushland reserves.
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Bridestowe Lavender Estate, at Nabowla, Tasmania is considered one of the State's most spectacular v...
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Ninth Island vineyard offers tastings and sales of Pipers Brook, Ninth Island and Kreglinger wines. ...
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Barnbougle is set on 200 acres of undulating coastal dunes and is the creative genius of famed golf ...
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Bridport is a popular beachside holiday destination, famous for its white sandy beaches, coastal par...
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Pipers Brook Vineyard was acquired by The Kreglinger Wine Estates in 1997 and is situated in the Pip...
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Bridport wharf
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Sandy beaches, wildflowers, coastal reserves and world-class golf course built into towering dunes




The citizens of Bridport value their incredibly beautiful coastal town on the shimmering blue waters of Anderson Bay. This holiday town is covered in wildflowers during the summer and is drenched in northern Tasmania history. And its popularity brings in entrepreneurs of all types. You'll find great coffee, colourful cafés and delightful restaurants on the water in Bridport. Image credit: Sean ScottOld Bridport Jetty , Tasmania, Australia

Bridport is the kind of town that explodes in the summertime, but it is perfect for a visit year round. Its coastal beauty cannot be overlooked and its secluded beaches are perfect for a romantic getaway. With plenty of amenities and accommodations, Bridport is the perfect nice weather holiday destination.

Getting There

You'll find Bridport on the northeast coast of the Tasmanian island about 85 kilometres from Launceston. It's a brisk 1-hour drive from the home of the Cataract Gorge. But the drive from Devonport may be more beautiful as you traverse farmland, rivers and coastlines for 2 hours. It's a 3.5 hour drive through Launceston from Hobart.

Bridport At A Glance

Anderson Bay offers up an abundance of beachside fun in Bridport. There are nooks and crannies throughout the coast that hide white sand beaches perfect for escaping the fast pace of modern life. There are also plenty of coastal parks for a family sizzle after a day on the beach. Image credit: Tourism Tasmania & Rob BurnettBridport, Tasmania, Australia

And you'll find Bushland reserves full of lovely nature walks just inland from Anderson Bay. But Bridport is undoubtedly a golf town. This holiday destination boasts the finest public golf course in all of Australia. In fact, Barnbougle Dunes is considered one of the best golf courses in the world. Image credit: Tourism Tasmania & Karen Stotz

Bridport is surrounded with reserves. The Bridport Wildflower Reserve bursts to life every spring with a stunning range of colours that attracts birds from all over the region. You'll find this breathtaking streak of colour inside the Granite Point Conservation Area. But all the reserves around town contain natural treasures such as waterfalls, towering sand dunes, unique wildlife and jaw-dropping coastal views.

And in the east of Bridport, you'll find some of the world's best golf courses. You may mistake the area for the rugged and windswept golf courses of Scotland. That's because the makers of Barnbougle Dunes and its sister course Lost Farm built the courses right into Bridport's towering sand dunes.

Bridport has something for everyone. This coastal town has commercial fishing operations and you can join in the fun. Fishing enthusiasts can charter a boat for sports fishing in the Bass Strait or hire a small boat for Anderson Bay. You can also just drop your line in off the rocks.

The two golf courses -- Barnbougle Dunes and Lost Farm -- are world renowned. Challenge yourself with some of the most spectacular golfing on the planet during your holiday. Image credit: Tourism Tasmania & Karen Stotz

The reserves that surround Bridport are full of colour and life, especially in the spring when the wildflowers bloom. That's when bird lovers flock to this coastal paradise. But you don't have to be a bird watcher to enjoy the surrounds. You'll also find waterfalls, dunes and coastal views throughout the many nature walks in the area.

There's no better way to connect with a loved one than in a romantic setting like Bridport. The outdoors are full of adventures and solitude while the nearby wineries add to the ambiance. And families love to Bridport for its resorts, beaches and fun restaurants.

Bridport Accommodations

This northeast coastal paradise is accessible for everyone. With such a robust tourist industry, Bridport offers a range of accommodation. You'll find backpackers hostels, quaint bed and breakfasts, holiday houses and giant resorts. So whether you are looking to share a dorm or enjoy a private wellness spa, Bridport has accommodations for you.

Activities and Things To Do and See

Pipers Brooke Vineyard was established back in 1974. It produces fruit for the internationally acclaimed Kreglinger and Ninth Island wines. Take a tour of the winery and have a seat at the Winery Café for a relaxing view of the vineyard. Open daily, it's the perfect place for a glass of wine or a coffee. Image credit: Tourism Tasmania & Garry MoorePipers Brook Vineyard, Tasmania, Australia

The Bridestowe Lavender Estate comes to life in December with wildflowers that bloom through January. This 265-acre manicured lavender field contains beautiful gardens that attract tourists year-round.

The Barnbougle Golf Courses -- Dunes and Lost Farm -- take advantage of the rugged northeast coast of Tasmania to make for challenging courses. You'll play over beaches that turn into rolling hills, and you'll hit shots through dunes. And it's worth a visit even if you don't golf. The courses offer up unrivalled hospitality, incredible food and local wine.

What to Eat

Bridport has it all. You'll find everything from local cafés to high-end restaurants on the water. And you can sneak into plenty of takeaway restaurants even if your feet are sandy. You'll also find two incredibly well-stocked supermarkets if you choose to cook your own food in your vacation house.

Environment and Climate

Bridport, Tasmania, Australia

Bridport may have the best climate in the state. It certainly receives more sunshine than the rest of the Tasmanian island and there's no beating the spectacular views of Anderson Bay. It's also you're gateway to the Furneaux Islands out in the Bass Strait. Image credit: Tourism Tasmania & Rob Burnett

Local Tips

The Granite Point Conservation Area is spectacular in the spring when prolific wildflowers attract stunningly beautiful flocks of birds.

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