Burnie city at night
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The garden is widely known internationally and its unique design makes it one of Australia's major r...
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Visit Burnie's famous indoor street and experience the sights and sounds of 100 years ago. It was a...
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Guide Falls - Located south of historic Burnie, it is easily accessible with a short walk and is abs...

Burnie Accommodation


Burnie Accommodation

Accommodation Offerings

Burnie is a well-developed town with plenty of accommodations throughout. You'll find a wide range of options in and just out of town.

Many are ideallly situated on the waterfront, which provide incredible views and proximity to the highlights of the town.


This community of artists is just 47 kilometres west of Devonport and a 30-minute drive. It's nearly 150 kilometers from Launceston and a 1.5 hour drive. Hobart is clear across the island and will take you nearly 4 hours by car.

This beach side enclave of makers has an eclectic mix of shops and galleries throughout. A stroll through town could take an entire afternoon as you marvel at what the local makers have crafted. Then it's time for an evening stroll along Emu Bay where you can look out over the Bass Strait and imagine the

Burnie city at night, Tasmania, Australia

Useful Information/Local Tips

Just inland from Burnie is a myriad of wonderful walks. There are multiple waterfalls and bushwalks to explore including the beautiful Guide Falls.

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