Winter Wilderness & Wildlife Tour

10 days - Self Drive Tour Package
Explore Hobart

Arrive Hobart Airport, pick up mid-size automatic rental car and travel to Hobart. Includes unlimited kilometres, insurance, fees and taxes. Drive into Hobart. Wander the city streets, eat world class food at our world-class eateries, head to the Mt Wellington summit and be back in time for evening drinks on the waterfront.


This small village of farmers and fishermen is surrounded by 19 national parks and regional reserves. Tasmania is 45 percent national wildlife parks and preserves, so it’s hard not to stumble upon one. Strahan is rapidly becoming commonplace on many a bucket list for a remote, adventurous getaway. Gordon River Cruises will provide a seemingly endless day of breathtaking views, complete with a tour through the notorious prison on Sarah Island. Explore the dunes in an ATV or take a evening cruise to Bonnet Island for a viewing of the Fairy Penguins. Whether your preference is to dine on fresh seafood, sip sparkling wine, or hunt for art in Kutikina cave, Strahan is a gem of a seaside community thriving with outdoor activities.


Gordon River Cruises

The Gordon River is one of our natural wonders and an amazing location for a wilderness cruise. From deep within the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area it winds its way through the rainforest to arrive at the wide expanse of Macquarie Harbour, then through the narrow entrance of Hells Gates into the Southern Ocean.


West Coast Wilderness Railway

The West Coast Wilderness Railway carves its way through thick rainforest on the west coast of Tasmania and takes you to wild locations otherwise inaccessible. The original locomotives runs 35 kilometres on 1897 built railway track and takes you through gorges, up steep grades, past historical markers and to incredible wilderness vantage points between the towns of Queenstown and Strahan, and is of important historical significance for the area.

Optional Add-On:

Strahan ATV Adventures

Strahan ATV Adventures offers safe and exciting tours using ATVs. Traverse the iconic Henty Dunes carved out of the landscape by the legendary roaring 40 winds.Take a short walk to ocean beach admire the view hear the waves crash onto the beach. Take the Sunset Tour to the magic Macquarie Heads view the birds marvel at the stunning beauty sit back enjoy the Tasmanian Gourmet Hamper as you watch the sunset. Bring your cameras and binoculars come for adventure, fun, laughter or just cruise along at your pace, they cater for all.

Cradle Mountain

The mountain itself is part of the Cradle Mountain–Lake St. Clair National Park in Tasmania’s Central Highlands — one of 5 parks that form a UNESCO World Heritage Site known as the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, spanning over 1 million hectares. Once upon a time, the area was blanketed by glaciers and ice, and is now one of the world’s last remaining stretches of temperate rainforest. Even cooler? Exploration of the area’s limestone caves has led to evidence of human occupation in the area harking back 20,000 years. Crafted by Mother Earth from sub-volcanic rock, Cradle Mountain stands 1,545 meters above sea level.

Devils in the Dark

Devils in the dark showcases the iconic Tasmanian devil at night.This amazing animal can be seen at many parks and zoos but the opportunity to see this nocturnal animal come to life after dark in an as wild as possible setting is very special and unique. Devils in the dark was established by a wildlife expert with 30 years of experience viewing Tasmanian devils in the wild places of Tasmania.

Optional Add-On:

Helicopter flights with Cradle Mountain Helicopters

Experience the breathtaking views of Tasmania’s rare natural treasures and the stunning beauty of this picturesque landscape, as you fly over Cradle Mountain, Dove Lake and Australia’s deepest Gorge!

Cradle Country Adventure

It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice or an advanced horse person – the Cradle Country horse riding gives you the chance to live it up outdoors in the quintessential Australian experience.

Freycinet Peninsula

Travelers, meet the top of your Tassie bucket list. Wineglass Bay is part of the Freycinet Peninsula, an outcrop of wild, pristine coast land on Tasmania’s east coast. Encompassed within the Freycinet National Park, it is considered one of the top ten beaches in the world. Nestled in the iconic Hazards range and bordered with pink granite peaks, Wineglass Bay is the most photographed view in the entirety of our island state.

Wineglass Bay Cruises

Experience the award winning unforgettable 4 hour Cruise where you are guided you through the sights and history of the Freycinet Peninsula; taking you from the gentle shores of Coles Bay, to one of the world’s most beautiful beaches.  Stop for lunch at Wineglass Bay and enjoy some of Tasmania’s finest fresh produce, selected by the head chef at Freycinet Lodge.

Penguin Tour Bicheno

The Penguin Tour Bicheno is the best way to see penguins up close and safely without disturbing them, or hurting yourself! The guides, all locals, share their enthusiasm despite the fact that some of them turn out five or six times a week. So secure are the birds, and so well prepared are the boardwalks and the guides, that the hour passes in a unique acknowledgement of the species. The penguins  seem happy and undisturbed; the tourists are enraptured.

East Coast Natureworld

East Coast Natureworld sits amongst 150 acres of natural parkland and lagoons. The perfect place to experience Tasmania’s unique animals, birds, reptiles The extensive park grounds allow you to wander around at your own leisure. Wheel chair & pram friendly paths allow all to experience the uniqueness of Tasmania up close.

There is food and drink served for most of the day in the Gallery Cafe. For the wildlife photography enthusiast there is an extensive display of Tasmanian wildlife photography. The shop has a wide range of souvenirs with a Tasmanian wildlife theme.

Your experience begins as you are greeted by two very chatty Sulphur Crested Cockatoos and an amazing view of the lagoon.