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Organ Pipes Circuit Trail


Organ Pipes Circuit Trail


Location: Mount Wellington
Length: 7.4 kilometres return
Grade: 3 (suitable for most ages and fitness levels)
Elevation Gain: 400 metres
Distance from: Hobart - 15 km, Launceston - 216 km, Devonport 297 km

Tasmania tore itself away from the supercontinent of Gondwana in the Jurassic Period which gave violent rise to the towering dolerite column cliffs on this moderately difficult hike. You'll find this track on the eastern facing side of Mount Wellington just 25 minutes from Hobart. The hike takes you up a slight grade on a well-formed track while giving you stunning views of Hobart and the Derwent River below. You'll do most of the uphill during your drive to the carpark. Perfect for families or couples just looking to escape the city for a short moment.

Getting There

Take Davey Street out of Hobart to Pinnacle Road and then continue to The Springs. You'll find the trailhead at the upper section of The Springs. The drive from Hobart is only 25 minutes, but you'll spend two hours and 45 minutes in a car from Launceston. The drive is three and a half hours from Devonport.


You'll find plenty of facilities near the trailhead at The Springs and Fern Tree. Toilet facilities, fireplaces, drinking water and day shelters are available before you start your walk, and you'll find day shelters along the trail.

The Trail

The first two kilometres are the steepest coming out of The Springs through thick forest. You'll then run into the Organ Pipes Circuit Track where you'll bear right onto a flat trail. The next three kilometres are mostly flat, and you'll be stunned by the views of Hobart and the Derwent River when the foliage breaks. The towering Organ Pipes will begin to rise in the distance.

You'll notice there are many side trails that will take you to the pipes themselves. Take these challenging trails only if you have extensive hiking experience. But the view of the pipes from the main trail is spectacular in itself.

You'll have to be careful over two rock sprees before the trail meets The Chalet and Pinnacle Drive. Here you'll cross the road and descend steeply to Junction Cabin. After about one kilometre of snaking descent, you'll take a right at the Old Hobartian Track Junction.

From here, the walking is easy. You'll pass Crocodile Rock and Lone Cabin before reaching Sphinx Rock where you'll again be impressed with the views of Hobart. Soon after, you'll be in the carpark.


Due to the sensitivity of the water table, dogs are not permitted on this walk.

The weather can change rapidly at elevation with wind, rain and even snow. Make sure to pack warm, water resistant clothes even if it seems like a brilliant day.

Beware of rock falls near the Organ Pipes, especially if you take a steep sidetrack to the cliffs themselves.

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