Cascade Brewery Co. Hobart
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Cascade Brewery and Gardens
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Cascade Brewery Co. Hobart
Image thanks to: Cascade Brewery Co. Hobart

Hobart Rivulet Walk


Hobart Rivulet Walk

You'll have to bring a torch to navigate the Hobart Rivulet Walk in the dark underground of the city. But don't worry -- this hike is anything but scary. This easy 2-kilometer walk in Hobart's underbelly is the city's former rivulet, which served as the main source of drinking water for the original settlement. Now, this dry tunnel is a canvas for colourful graffiti artists who create beautiful murals for you to enjoy.

Getting There

Head to the Royal Hobart Hospital on Collins Street to find the entrance to the Hobart Rivulet. You'll have to hop over a short wall built along the length of Collins Street to enter the tunnel. Now just follow the darkness as the light behind you begins to fade. And while there is some dim lighting in the tunnel, you'll have to light your torch to see the artwork on the walls. The graffiti is provided by local youths who infuse these dark tunnel walls with their bright energy.

The Trail

The tunnel begins to zigzag after it loses daylight. You'll take a few lefts and then a few rights before you find yourself underneath the Elizabeth Street Mall. The rivulet tunnel meanders somewhere between Collins Street and Liverpool Street. Occasionally, you'll find breaks of daylight before the walk ends at Harrington Street where you'll into a prohibitive pool of water. All in all, the entire walk takes about an hour return. Make sure to bring your camera because there'll be plenty of social media-worthy pictures. You can show off your courage for descending into the dark underbelly of Hobart.

But if you're really courageous, head to the lower section of the rivulet towards Campbell Street and the Derwent River. The tunnel narrows for the first hundred meters, and, if you're tall, you'll have to duck. But then it opens up into a large brick gallery covered in beautiful graffiti art.


Bring your own light source and a backup. You don't want to be caught underneath the city without lights.

The rivulet can flood after a heavy rain. Don't go into the tunnels if flooding is present or if heavy rain is in the forecast.

Bring proper footwear with plenty of traction. The moist stones of the rivulet can be slippery at times.

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