Pirates Bay features Australia's highest marine cliffs as well as caves, chasms, a blowhole and the famous tessellated pavement.
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Fossil Bay Lookout

Explore the Wonder of the Tasman Peninsula


Fossil Bay Lookout

Location: Tasman Peninsula
Distance from: Hobart - 80 km, Launceston - 238 km, Devonport - 320 km

The Tasman Peninsula is one of Tasmania's gems. It sits just to the southeast of Hobart and is connected to the mainland by a tiny little slice of sand called a neck. Not surprisingly, Eaglehawk Neck is the town that occupies that curious bit of land. You'll be able to enjoy Eaglehawk Neck and its strange geological formation known as the Tessellated Pavement, as well as the oddball village of Doo Town, on your way to the Fossil Bay Lookout.

The Fossil Bay Lookout is also situated right next to the Tasman Peninsula's most visited geological formations. You'll be able to spend an afternoon marvelling at the Devil's Kitchen, The Blowhole and the Tasman Arch during your visit to the lookout. It makes for a marvellous day.

You'll find the Fossil Bay Lookout right next to the Blowhole at the end of a peninsula jutting out into the Tasman Sea. You'll be able to see the ocean's waves blow through a hole in the ground to create a cool, salty geyser before heading to the cliff edge to look out over the ocean. It's a short, flat and easy walk to the viewing platform where you'll get views of the open ocean and the peninsula's dolerite cliffs.

Getting There

You'll have to drive over Eaglehawk Neck as hang gliders swirl down to the beach near the lookout. You can also stop in the unique village of Doo Town, where every holiday shack's name plaque has the word Doo in it. And, from there, you'll get beautiful views down the peninsula.

The drive from Hobart takes a little over an hour, but you should leave plenty of time to explore the sights on the way down. Launceston is 238 kilometres to the north and the drive takes a little over 3 hours. Devonport, sitting clear across the island, is a little less than 4 hours away.


While the viewing platform is safe, always keep an eye on children near cliff edges and swirling seas.

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