Devils Gullet features a stunning lookout platform overhanging sheer cliff face, with views to Cradle Mountain across the huge chasm of Fisher River valley.
Image thanks to: Tourism Tasmania & Dan Fellow

Devil's Gullet Lookout

Uninterrupted views of Tasmania's World Heritage Area


Devil’s Gullet Lookout

Location: Central Plateau Conservation Area
Distance from: Hobart - 289 km, Launceston - 141 km, Devonport - 79 km

Perched upon a dolerite cliff in the Central Highlands of Tasmania, Devil's Gullet Lookout gives you uninterrupted views of Tasmania's World Heritage Area. The entire swath of alpine plateau is protected and you won't see a trace of human existence from the viewing platform. It really gives you a sense of Tasmania's commitment to natural preservation; a commitment that has earned Tassie the nickname 'The Natural State.'

A glacier carved its way through this alpine highland to cut the deep valley below. Alpine forests now cover the landscape leaving only the 220-metre dolerite cliff bare. From the viewing platform, you can see the entire eastern boundary of the Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair World Heritage Area. On a clear day, you'll get views of Mount Ossa, Tasmania's highest point at 1617 metres, as well as the remote Walls of Jerusalem National Park and the Fisher and Mercy Rivers.

The lookout comes at the end of a 20-minute return walk from the lookout's carpark. The entire walk is easy and takes place on a boardwalk. There are no facilities at this site so plan and pack accordingly.

Getting There

The lookout is about 35 minutes from the inland town of Mole Creek. Drive west out of town on B12/C138 past the Marakoopa and King Solomons Caves to take a left onto Mercy Forest Road. Quickly get onto Lake MacKenzie Road to follow the signs to the lookout. You'll drive 14 kilometres on a well-maintained gravel road that should be suitable for two-wheel-drive vehicles weather permitting.

The drive from Hobart takes 3 hours and 45 minutes over 289 kilometres. Launceston is 2 hours away sitting 141 kilometres to the east. Devonport is the closest big city sitting 79 kilometres to the north. That drive should only take you 1.5 hours.


Don't stray from the path or platform and keep an eye on children, as there are dangerous drop-offs from the cliff.

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