St Columba Falls State Reserve is dominated by forests and the cascading waters of the South George River that plunge over steep granite ledges. Overlooked by densely wooded hills, this reserve contains forests of tree ferns, sassafras, myrtles and beech, and provides a massive water catchment that flows year round.
Image thanks to: Pierre Destribats
Pyengana - bushwalk among giant tree ferns on the way to St Columba Falls

St. Columba Waterfall

One of Tasmania's Tallest Waterfalls


St. Columba Waterfall

Location: St Columba Falls State Reserve, Saint Helens, East Coast
Distance: 1.2 kilometres return
Grade: 2 (suitable for most with moderate uphill walk back from falls)
Distance from: Hobart - 248 km, Launceston - 144 km, Devonport - 244 km

This easily accessible and popular waterfall is one of Tasmania's tallest. Standing an impressive 90 metres in height, the water cascades and splashes down a rocky cliff face splitting into multiple falls making for a dynamic picture. Giant boulders, branches and broken trees lay at the bottom of the falls to remind you of Mother Nature's power, but you won't have to contend too much with Mother Nature to get to the falls. The track that leads to the falls is only 600 metres one-way, takes you through the shade of rainforest and is boardwalked. You'll just have to contend with other visitors and a steep uphill walk back from the falls to the carpark.

Getting There

Take highway A3 from Saint Helens to road C428. Follow the signs to Saint Columba Falls State Reserve to find the trailhead's carpark. The drive from Hobart takes about 3 hours and 42 minutes over 248 kilometres. Launceston is 144 kilometres away with a drive lasting 2.5 hours. Devonport is 3.5 hours away as the port city sits 244 kilometres to the west.


The carpark is quite small, but you'll find picnic and toilet facilities at the trailhead.


Pets are not allowed in Saint Columba Falls State Reserve.

Wear sturdy shoes with good traction as the steep walk back from the falls can get a bit muddy from the rain.

Supervise children and be careful around the base of the falls. Running water is a hazard and debris can be launched to the bottom of the cliff by the waterfall.

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