National Penny Farthing Championships and Evandale Village Fair
Image thanks to: Rob Burnett
Evandale streetscape
Image thanks to: Tourism Tasmania & Adrian Cook
Evandale market is held every Sunday and is known for it varied mix of craft, bric-a-brac, collectib...
Image thanks to: Tourism Tasmania & Adrian Cook
The Clarendon Arms Hotel (c.1847) is classified by the National Trust. The Georgian hotel offers a r...
Image thanks to: Tourism Tasmania & Kathryn Leahy
The wheels of time turn back over a hundred years as the peaceful village of Evandale in northern Ta...
Image thanks to: Rob Burnett
The wheels of time turn back over a hundred years as the peaceful village of Evandale in northern Ta...
Image thanks to: Rob Burnett
The wheels of time turn back over a hundred years as the peaceful village of Evandale in northern Ta...
Image thanks to: Rob Burnett


Step back in time with Penny-farthing bicycle races through historic streets




You can find Evandale just a few kilometres south of Launceston Airport. Accommodation in Evandale is a bit cheaper than in Launceston, making it an affordable stop after flying into Tasmania. And the town has plenty to offer visitors from all over the world.

National Penny Farthing Championships and Evandale Village Fair, Tasmania, AustraliaThe town streets have well-preserved heritage buildings such as the St. Andrews Church, the Uniting Church and the Clarendon Arms Hotel. It is also home to The National Penny Farthing Championship, where awkwardly large front-wheel-powered bike riders compete for immortality. And Evandale's Sunday markets are a draw for tourists and Tasmanians alike. Image Credit: Rob Burnett


This historic town sits on the South Esk River just 20 kilometers south of the city of Launceston. The intersection of Logan, White Hills and Nile Roads sits just 5 km south of Launceston Airport. That's where you'll find affordable airport-accessible accommodations.

Evandale is a hidden gem of beautifully preserved historic buildings. Its streets are lined with late-Georgian and early-Victorian architecture, which gives visitors an unspoiled glimpse into the life of Tasmania's past. The buildings date as far back as 1809.

Evandale Antiques, Tasmania, AustraliaVisitors should not miss High Street. It's one of Australia's most beautiful streets with its historic buildings. You can also find a handful of historic buildings at the intersection of Russell Street and High Street. Here, you'll find the Clarendon Stores built in 1836, an antique saddler's shop from 1840 and the 1836-built Prince of Wales Hotel. Or you can grab a detailed local map to take a longer walk through town to experience more of Evandale's rich architecture.

Back in 1832, John Glover settled near Evandale. He farmed and painted throughout his life, and his works are incredibly important to the rich cultural heritage of Tasmania. Now Evandale hosts the Glover Prize in his name for outstanding landscape paintings. The winner of this annual event receives $50,000, and all works are displayed to the public at the Falls Park Pavilion.

Evandale streetscape, Tasmania, AustraliaPenny Farthing Bikes are obsolete, but that doesn't stop Evandale from celebrating one of the earliest forms of the bicycle. These antique bikes feature a large front wheel, a tiny back wheel and no bike chain. The rider must power the giant front wheel with fixed pedals. Thousands descend on Evansville every February for the National Penny Farthing Championship race.

Evandale is only 5 kilometres from the Launceston Airport and offers incredibly affordable accommodations. You'll find plenty of practical travellers staying in this beautiful town. It's also RV-friendly, so you'll likely meet caravaners exploring the island.

But Evandale also draws history lovers to its incredibly well-preserved streets. The Georgian and Victorian houses are marvellous and well worth a day of exploration. And Sundays make for an especially nice visit as the Sunday Markets open at 8 AM. You'll find local vendors selling produce, crafts, books and homemade foodstuffs as well as pony rides for the kids. Image Credit: Tourism Tasmania & Kathryn Leahy (Evandale Antiques) and Tourism Tasmania & Adrian Cook (Bikers resting)

Getting There

Getting to Evandale is easy. Simply fly into Launceston and take a taxi a few kilometres south. In fact, the airport is so close that you could ride a penny-farthing bicycle down to Evandale's historic streets.

Accommodation Offerings

This RV-friendly town offers cheaper accommodation than nearby Launceston. Travellers love Evandale for its village feel and beautiful architecture. You'll find various hotels, motels and caravan parks at the intersection of Logan, White Hills and Nile Roads just a few kilometres south of Launceston Airport.

Activities and Things to Do and See

The Sunday Market is a good excuse to spend a day in Evandale. The market opens at 8 AM. After the market, take a stroll through the town's historic streets with a local map to see all of the historic buildings.

National Penny Farthing Championships and Evandale Village Fair, Tasmania, AustraliaIf you're lucky enough, you'll be in town for one of Evandale's two annual events -- The Glover Prize and the Penny Farthing Championships. The Glover Prize for best landscape painting takes place in early March, while the antique bicycle race takes place in February. Image Credit: Rob Burnett (National Penny Farthing Championships and Evandale Village Fair)

What to Eat

You'll be able to find hearty hotel pub meals in Evandale's cluster of accommodations just south of Launceston Airport.


Evandale was originally inhabited by Indigenous Australians, specifically the Palawa people. Settlers took to the Evandale region because the Indigenous population had cleared the land with brush fires for hunting purposes. This made for fertile farming, and settler populations increased throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries.

The first registered settlers of Evandale were Captain Andrew Barclay and George Collins. Evandale grew out of their land grants, with houses and infrastructure being built by convicts on the banks of the Esk River. The fertile plateau of land that would become Evandale was ideal for the constant flow of water from the river below.

Evandale's beautiful houses and buildings are preserved from its early days to stand as a reminder of a somewhat dark past when convicts were forced to build for wealthier families without pay.


Evandale features 4 distinct seasons, with moderate summers and cool winters. That means you can visit this historic town at four different times of the year to get 4 completely different environments. But you'll have to watch out for a little bit of wind. Evandale is windy throughout the year.

Useful Information/Local Tips

The Evandale Sunday Market makes Sunday the perfect day for a visit. Start at the market in the morning and work through Evandale's historic streets, marvelling at the architecture in the afternoon.

What's Nearby

Evandale is the perfect place to stay for a visit to Launceston and its world-famous Cataract Gorge. The incredible panoramic views, well-marked walking trails, intricate gardens, and chairlifts draw visitors worldwide.

Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery Exterier, Tasmania, AustraliaYou'll also have easy access to The Queen Victoria Museum in Launceston. It is set in a 19th-century railroad workshop and features exhibits covering Tasmania's history. Across the street, you'll find an art gallery in the rolling green of Royal Park.

The Tamar Valley Wine region is northwest along the Tamar River. Explore the river valley and sample some of Australia's finest cool climate wines. Image Credit: QVMAG (The Queen Victoria Museum)

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