Drive Map Strahan to Hobart

Interactive Tasmania Map   |   Drive Map  Strahan to Hobart

My Drive Map Strahan to Hobart takes you fro Strahan, over the mountains and down the Derwent Valley to Hobart.

It can be used with our Strahan to Hobart Self Drive Itinerary.

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Drive Map Strahan to Hobart

Overview  |  Drive Map Strahan to Hobart

It takes about 5 hours to drive straight through from Strahan to Hobart. On this Drive Map Strahan to Hobart I will show you how to take some diversions  that will make a full 10 hour day of touring.

You will take the B27 road from Strahan to Queenstown. The main road then becomes the A10 Lyell Highway. Stay on the A10 all the way to Hamilton. > Hotels in Queenstown

At Hamilton we will backtrack slightly and cross Lake Meadowbank to drive through the backroads to Mt Field National Park and Russell Falls.

From there is on the west bank of the Derwent River to New Norfolk, and then on to Hobart.

Drive Map Strahan to Hobart Tasmania Forests West Coast

Through the Forests to Queenstown  |  Drive Map Strahan to Hobart
Zoom in on the map and check out the B24 Road to Queenstown. It runs through some pretty wild country.

Drive Map Strahan to Hobart Tasmania Road to Queenstown

Queenstown  |  Strahan to Hobart
If you zoom in on Queenstown you can see the devastation to the vegetation caused by smelting in the early 1900s.

Drive Map Strahan to Hobart Tasmania Lake St Clair

Derwent Bridge & Lake St Clair  |  Strahan to Hobart
The only way to get in a straight line from Cradle Mountain (at the north end of the Cradle Mountain – Lake St Clair National Park), to Lake St Clair (at the the south end), is to walk 5 days or so on the Overland Track.  > Hotels in Lake St Clair

Zoom in on Lake St Clair to see the deepest natural lake in Australia. Derwent Bridge is at its southern end.

Drive Map Strahan to Hobart Tasmania Lake St Clair

Tarraleah and Hydro Electric Power  |  Strahan to Hobart
Though the Hydro Electric system was built over 50 years ago, it still supplies power to the Tasmanian Grid. Stop and look at the power stations.  > Hotels in Tarraleah

Drive Map Strahan to Hobart Tasmania Sheep on Road Hamilton

Ouse & Hamilton  |  Strahan to Hobart
Follow the A10 to Ouse. Once you get to Ouse, you are in the Derwent Valley proper. It runs all the way (mostly downiill) to Hobart

Hamilton is an Historic village in the middle of farms and open space. Many of the buildings were built in the 1800’s. Watch out for the sheep!  > Hotels in Hamilton

Drive Map Strahan to Hobart Tasmania Russell Falls Nature Walk

Mt Field National Park & Russell Falls  |  Strahan to Hobart
An easy walk in the Rainforest on well made tracks. Russell Falls is probably the best known and most spectacular waterfall in Tasmania.

Drive Map Strahan to Hobart Tasmania Salmon Ponds

Salmon Ponds & New Norfolk  |  Strahan to Hobart
Settled less than twenty years after Sydney, New Norfolk is one of the oldest country towns in Australia. > Hotels in New Norfolk

Drive Map Strahan to Hobart Tasmania Battery Point Tasman Bridge

On to Hobart  |  Strahan to Hobart
The final run into Hobart is beside the Derwent River. It is now wide and tranquil as it winds through Granton, past MONA and into the City.

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