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Our Cataract Gorge Walk Map is designed to be used with the Cataract Gorge Walk Directions. Cataract Gorge is an easy stroll from downtown Launceston and is located in the Trevallyn Reserve where the South Esk River enters the Tamar.

Cataract Gorge provides a wonderful wilderness walk right in the heart of a major city. It is well worth the experience. The map should be used in conjunction with our directions for the Cataract Gorge Launceston Walking Tour.

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Features  |  Cataract Gorge Walk Map

Overview  |  Cataract Gorge Walk Map
It is unusual to have a natural feature as spectacular as Cataract Gorge so close to a main city centre. The South Esk, the longest river in Tasmania, ends its journey at Launceston through Catract Gorge.

Cataract Gorge Walk Map Tasmania Suspension Bridge

The walk starts at the entrance to Cataract Gorge, just near the Penny Royal Motel, and runs in a circle through the Gorge, ending back at the Penny Royal. Tranquil in fine weather, Cataract Gorge can become a raging torrent during heavy rains at any time of the year.

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Cataract Gorge Walk Map Tasmania Gorge in Flood

HIstory  |  Cataract Gorge Walk Map
It was recognised early in Launceston’s past that there was hydro electric potential in the last run of the South Esk River into the Tamar Estuary. The Duck Reach Power Station  was conceived in 1892, and provided electric power to Launceston until it was closed in 1955, when it was replaced by the Trevallyn Dam and Power Station a few kilometres up the Tamar. > Hotels in Launceston

An Interpretation Centre has been built into the old Duck Reach Power Station and this explains the fascinating history of the project.

Cataract Gorge Walk Map Tasmania Duck Reach Power Station

The South Esk River  |  Cataract Gorge Walk Map
The South Esk River rises in the hills behind Bicheno on the East Coast, near Freycinet National Park. It joins the North Esk at Launceston’s port area after cutting its way through Cataract Gorge.

Cataract Gorge Walk Map Tasmania First Basin Rotunda

First Basin  |  Cataract Gorge Walk Map
The First Basin can be reached by the path from the mouth of the Gorge, or by car through the Launceston suburb of West Launceston. Zoom in on the map. Drive up York Street from downtown Launceston. It becomes Upper York Street before you turn right onto Basin Road. Basin Road dead ends into the First Basin parking area.

Cataract Gorge Walk Map Tasmania Chairlift First Basin

Chair Lift and Suspension Bridge  |  Cataract Gorge Walk Map
The Chair Lift at the First Basin is said to be the longest in the Southern Hemisphere. The Suspension Bridge provides walker access between the north and south sides of the Gorge.

 Cataract Gorge Walk Map Tasmania Penny Royal Hotel & Apartments

Hotels in Launceston  |  Cataract Gorge Walk Map
The best located hotel, set right at the entrance to Cataract Gorge is the Penny Royal Hotel and Apartments. Good value, clean and comfortable accommodation within walking distance of Launceston City and Cataract Gorge.

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