Our Tasmanian cherries will have you falling in love at first bite
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A Tasmania cherry bowl
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Imagine the flavors and helath benefits of these ripe tassie cherries on the tree
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Picking cherries is a Tasmanian favorite during cherry season
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Tasmanian Cherries

Everything Your Tastebuds Want To Know


Discover the Luscious Charm of Tasmanian Cherries: A Traveler’s Guide

We’re savouring the luscious charm of Tasmanian cherries, world-renowned for their sweetness and quality. Our journey starts in the vibrant cherry orchards, where pick-your-own experiences abound from December to February. We’re tasting the delightful versatility of these red gems in local cuisine, savouring everything from cherry jams to cherry wines. It’s more than just a harvest; it’s a celebration of a fruit that tastes magical due to island conditions unique to Tasmania. The allure doesn’t end here - plunge further to uncover sustainable farming practices, vibrant Tasmanian culture, and coveted accommodation choices offering orchard views.


Let’s explore the world of Tassie cherries, a unique fruit grown in the ideal climate of Tasmania, Australia, known for its remarkable sweetness and exceptional quality.

Every December to February, Tasmania’s cherry season kicks off. During this time, the fields are alive with the vibrant reds of cherries ready for harvest. It’s not just any harvest, though. It’s a celebration of the fruit that has been nurtured and grown, a testament to the island conditions and the orchards working hard to produce something incredibly sweet and juicy.

The Allure of Tasmanian Cherries

picking tasmanian cherriesLet’s turn our attention to what makes Taz cherries so attractive. Their unmatched quality and variety genuinely set them apart.

But it’s not just about the taste; the unique growing conditions in Tasmania also add to their allure.

Unmatched Quality and Variety

The unmatched quality and unique flavour of Tasmanian cherries set them apart in a world of fruit variety. We’re talking about an orchard-fresh delight that’s not just a fruit but an experience.

As we savour each bite, we’re transported to the pristine landscapes of Tasmania, where these fruits are nurtured. Whether you enjoy them fresh, incorporated into a dessert, or preserved for later enjoyment, their versatility is another part of their charm.

The preservation of their quality is so meticulous that even when exported, they retain their distinctive flavours. Many of our island guests will never forget their first taste of a cherry grown in Tasmania.

Unique Growing Conditions

Shifting our focus a bit, the interest in Tasmanian cherries stems significantly from the unique growing conditions of our homeland. Tasmania’s climate gifts us with cherries of unparalleled quality and sweetness. It’s not just about the weather; the island’s fertile soils also play a crucial role.

The cherry trees thrive in this nutrient-rich environment, delivering a bounty of juicy cherry fruits each season. Sustainability is also at the heart of Tasmanian cherry farming. We’re proud that over 95% of cherry farms here use sustainable practices. This commitment to the environment isn’t just good for the planet; it also ensures that we can continue to enjoy the unrivalled taste of Tasmanian cherries for years to come.

Best Times to Visit

So when is the best time to visit Tasmania for cherries?

It’s crucial to time our visit around the cherry season, which typically runs from December to February.

Be sure to consider the various festivals and events celebrating this sweet bounty.

Cherry Season in Tasmania

If you’re planning a visit to experience the cherry season in Tasmania, the best time to go is from late December to early February. That’s when Tasmanian cherries are ready to harvest.

Why Visit in December-February? What to Expect
Peak Cherry Harvest Plump and juicy cherries
Sustainable Farming Witness eco-friendly farming practices
Perfect Climate Cool, enjoyable weather
Unique Tasmanian Experience Taste the unique sweetness and tartness of Tasmanian cherries

Events with a Cherry on Top

While you’re here during cherry season, don’t miss out on the various orchards and events that celebrate Tasmania’s bountiful cherry harvest. Orchard events allow you to pick and taste fresh cherries at their peak and sample various cherry products, such as cherry vinegar, barbeque sauce, syrups, and the famous Tasmanian cherry pie.

Cherry events at orchards capture the spirit of summer. Dance to local music, meet friendly locals and try every cherry product imaginable. Let’s not forget the cherry spitting competition, a fun tradition.

Cherry Picking Experiences

One of the highlights of visiting Tasmania during the cherry season is the cherry-picking experience. We’ll guide you through this delightful activity and show you how to participate.

To top it off, we’ll also share some top cherry farms that warmly welcome visitors.

How to Participate in Cherry Picking

Embarking on a cherry picking adventure in Tasmania’s fertile orchards is a must-do for any traveler visiting during the season. Here’s how we can dive into this delightful harvest experience:

  • Understand the Season: Cherries ripen from December to February. Plan your visit accordingly.
  • Respect the Orchards: Appreciate the farming practices that keep the orchards healthy. Follow any guidelines given.
  • Dress Appropriately: Wear comfortable clothes and hats for sun protection.
  • Pick with Care: Cherries bruise easily. Handle with gentleness.
  • Savour the Experience: Enjoy the sights, smells, and tastes.

Cherry picking offers an immersive way to connect with Tasmania’s land, taste its bounty, and understand the labour and love that goes into growing and producing such a loved fruit.

Top Cherry Farms for Visitors

Exploring Tasmania’s cherry farms promises an unforgettable experience, and we’ve handpicked some of the best for your cherry-picking adventure. The Iron Creek Bay, Somercotes, and Willie Smith’s Apple Shed are top orchards that offer tours and allow you to pluck Tasmanian cherries right from the trees.

These farms provide a hands-on experience for tasting fresh cherries and learning about their cultivation. For a more intimate experience, head to the Coal Valley Cherry Farm, a hidden gem in Tasmania. Here, you can pick your cherries while exploring this picturesque farm.

These farms offer fresh cherries and a taste of the authentic Tasmanian lifestyle.

Tasmanian cherry orchard map
Click to see Tasmanian Cherry Orchards on Google Maps >


Iron Creek Bay Orchard: Google Map Link
Somercotes Orchard: Google Map Link
Willie Smith’s Apple Shed: Google Map Link
Coal Valley Cherry Farm: Google Map Link

Culinary Delights

What role do Tasmanian cherries play in the local cuisine?

We’ll explore dishes that highlight their unique flavour and introduce you to some cherry-themed eateries you won’t want to miss.

You’ll discover how these luscious fruits add a delicious twist to traditional and modern recipes.

Cherries in Tasmanian Cuisine

In Tasmanian cuisine, cherries are a delightful fresh snack and a star ingredient in various delectable dishes and beverages. These Tasmanian cherries add a unique sweetness to everything they’re part of. Let’s not limit ourselves, let’s explore the culinary delights of Tasmanian cherry:

  • Cherry-infused beverages, where they add a fruity punch
  • Delectable desserts, from pies to ice creams, boasting the luscious taste of cherries
  • Preserves and jams, their sweetness superbly captured
  • Cherry sauces that transform any dish into a gourmet treat
  • Savoury dishes that use cherries for a surprising twist

Embrace the freedom to experiment to discover the versatility of cherries in Tasmania. They’re not just a fruit; they’re a culinary adventure.

Must-Visit Cherry-Themed Eateries

If you’re up for a food adventure, we should explore some of Tasmania’s finest cherry-themed eateries, where the beloved fruit takes centre stage. These spots offer unique culinary experiences, from sweet cherry jams to decadent cherry chocolates and even potent cherry wines.

Eateries Specialties
Red Velvet Lounge They make a succulent chocolate-cherry dessert that’s a must-try during the season.
The Apple Shed Famous for its cherry wine, a true Tasmanian specialty.
The Berry Patch Offers a variety of cherry-infused dishes that celebrate the fruit’s versatility.
Cherry Shed

( closed )

Handmade cherry jam as a delightful gift or a tasty snack. This was a loved cherry destination but unfortunately closed its doors, but its legend lives on

Cherry cheesecakeThese eateries offer a tantalizing taste of Tasmania, making the journey a cherry-on-top experience!

Red Velvet Lounge: Google Map Link
The Apple Shed: Google Map Link
The Berry Patch: Google Map Link
The Cherry Shed (Closed): Google Map Link

Beyond the Orchards

While we love to rave about the cherry orchards of Tasmania, there’s so much more to explore in this vibrant region.

Let’s move beyond the cherry blossoms and discuss other attractions and activities you can enjoy during your visit.

Plus, we’ll cover the accommodation options available near the cherry farms.

Additional Attractions and Activities

Beyond the orchards, Tasmania offers a whole world of attractions and activities to make your cherry-picking trip even more memorable. The diverse environment and sustainable farming practices here will broaden your horizons and inspire you to make conscious choices. Here’s what we suggest you shouldn’t miss:

  • Visit a local farmers market to witness Tasmania’s rich farming culture.
  • Embark on a sustainable farming tour to learn about eco-friendly practices.
  • Explore the Tasman National Park to immerse yourself in the stunning environment.
  • Enjoy the unique wildlife spotting activities.
  • Experience the vibrant local art and culture scene, especially the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery.

These attractions and activities will leave you with lasting memories of Tasmania’s rich environment and sustainable farming practices.

Accommodation Choices Near Cherry Farms

After you’ve savoured the unique flavours of Tasmanian cherries and explored the local attractions, you’ll need a comfortable resting place. We’ve got you covered with various accommodation options near the cherry farms.

From cozy bed and breakfasts that serve delicious cherry syrup pancakes to luxury hotels offering stunning orchard views, there’s something for every taste and budget. Some accommodations even offer cherry picking tours as part of their package so that you can enjoy the cherries straight from the trees.

Enjoy the freedom of choosing your perfect stay. Remember, nothing complements the taste of freshly picked cherries better than a serene, comfortable place to unwind. So, make your choice and immerse yourself in the charm of Tasmania!

Luna Lodge is a top-rated hotel that is 14 km or about a 14-minute drive to Iron Creek Bay Farm: Google Map Link

Stone Cottage is a unique cottage in the town of Ross and is 6.2 km or about a 7-minute drive to Sumercotes Farm: Google Map Link

Crabtree River Cottages is 2.9 km or a 4-minute drive to the Apple Shed: Google Map Link

Hatchers Manor is 15.6 km or a 15-minute drive to Coal Valley Orchard: Google Map Link

These are just suggestions. If you have specific needs, it’s best to contact our concierge team, who can help guide you to the best cherry accommodations.


So, why are Tasmanian cherries such a phenomenon? Truly, it’s because these little gems encapsulate the free spirit and abundant richness of Tasmania. They’re not just fruits, they’re a testament to Tasmania’s cherries’ commitment to quality and sustainability.

Here’s a quick recap of why you should make Tasmania’s cherry Tasmanian adventure your next journey:

  • Enjoy the distinctive taste of Tasmanian cherries from Tasmania’s unique climate.
  • Witness the sustainable farming methods that lead to the production of these vibrant black Tasmanian cherries.
  • Relish in the freedom to explore vast cherry orchards during the peak cherry season.
  • Delight in the vast array of culinary creations made from these luscious fruits.
  • Experience an authentic cherry harvest and learn the art of cherry picking.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Tasmanian Cherries Uniquely Sweet Compared to Other Cherry Varieties?

We’re often asked what makes Tasmanian cherries sweeter. It’s Tasmania’s unique climate that does the magic. Cooler temperatures and longer sunlight hours result in cherries with a higher sugar content, setting them apart.

How Do Sustainable Farming Practices Affect the Quality of Tasmanian Cherries?

We firmly believe that sustainable farming practices enhance the quality of Tasmanian cherries. They ensure the soil’s health, reducing the need for artificial enhancers, thus producing naturally sweeter and juicier cherries.

What Countries Primarily Import Tasmanian Cherries and Why?

Tasmanian cherries are highly sought, especially in China, Singapore, and Malaysia. They’re loved for their exceptional sweetness, quality, and the sustainable farming practices used in Tasmania, which enhances their appeal.

What Other Fruits Are Grown in Tasmania During the Cherry Season?

We’re not just about cherries here in Tasmania! During cherry season, we also grow raspberries, strawberries, and blackberries. It’s an exciting time full of fresh, delicious fruits ripe for the picking.


So, there you have it, folks! Our exciting journey through Tasmania’s cherry orchards has come to a close. We’ve tasted, picked, and savoured these ruby gems.

We’ve marvelled at their versatility and witnessed the magic of sustainable farming. We hope you’re inspired to embark on your Tasmanian cherry adventure.

After all, there’s nothing quite like the luscious charm of these cherries. Until then, we’ll keep cherishing our cherry-filled memories.

Discover the Luscious Charm of Tasmanian Cherries: A Traveler’s Guide Tasmania Australia
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