Russell Falls Rainforest Tour

Walk in the Rainforest and Discover Russell Falls and Mt Field National Park on the Russell Falls Rainforest Tour.

 Russell Falls
Rainforest Tour

Russell Falls Rainforest Tour Tasmania

Walk in the Rainforest at Russell Falls. Visit the Derwent Valley
and Mount field National Park.

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Mt Field National Park
and Russell Falls from Hobart

Russell Falls Rainforest Tour
Mt Field National Park

Mt Field National Park was the first National Park declared in Australia in 1901.

On the edge of the Tasmanian Southwest Wilderness, it is an hour’s drive from Hobart. Russell Falls is reached by a well maintained walking track (handicapped access). It is one of the most famous and picturesque waterfalls in Australia.

The feel of the rainforest is incredible – quiet, moist, and amazingly green. Even if you are visiting Cradle Mountain, it is worth visiting Russell Falls.  Mt Field National Park has the tallest flowering plant in the world growing among the manferns- the huge Swamp Gum (Eucalyptus) – reaching 60 Metres (200 ft) into the rainforest canopy.

Mt Field National Park is a great rainforest experience.You will be collected from your hotel and returned there after the tour.

A Full Day of Sightseeing  |  Russell Falls Rainforest Tour

To get to Mt Field National Park you will drive through the Derwent Valley, following the Derwent River to New Norfolk. This is fertile, rolling farmland, one of the major hop growing areas of Australia. Settled early in the 1800’s, the land has been farmed for over 200 years.

It is also home to the Salmon Ponds, Tasmania’s Trout Hatchery and Trout Museum. Even if you are not a fisherman, this gives a fascinating look at the development of the trout fishing industry and is the oldest trout hatchery in the Southern Hemisphere.

Russell Falls Rainforest Tour Tasmania New Norfolk

Farmlands and Wilderness an Hour from Hobart
Russell Falls Rainforest Tour

New Norfolk and the Derwent River  |  Morning Tea or Coffee at the Salmon Ponds  |  Feed the Fish at the Salmon Ponds  |  Tasmania’s best Hopfields  | National Park Entrance included  |   Walk the rainforest and experience the wilderness  |  Handicap Access to Russell Falls  |  Professional Guide

Russell Falls Rainforest Tour Tasmania Nature Walk

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