Bridestowe Lavender Farm Tour: A Lavender Wonderland from Above

Embark on a journey to one of Tasmania's most popular summertime gems, the enchanting Bridestowe Lavender Farm.

After departing from the Peppers Silo Hotel in Launceston we’ll soar over the Tamar river before taking a thrilling turn as we journey northeast, granting you breathtaking views of Lilydale and the magnificent Mt Arthur. As we approach the crown jewel of this flight, the iconic Bridestowe Lavender Farm be prepared to be awestruck by the sight that awaits you, a vast expanse of 260 acres adorned with the vibrant purple hue of lavender in full bloom. The lavender fields seem to stretch as far as the eye. It’s truly a wonder to behold on in the air and on the ground.

Upon landing, you’ll have the freedom to explore the expansive grounds of the farm at your leisure. Immerse yourself in the lavender fields up close and personal, where rows upon rows of lavender bushes create a stunning tapestry of purple and the smell of lavender hits you from every direction. Here you’ll also have a chance to make a new friend as you receive a cuddly Bobby the Bear, a cherished memento of your lavender farm adventure.

Indulge your senses in the aromatic wonders of the lavender products available at the farm’s store, where you can discover an array of lavender-infused treasures. And, of course, no visit to Bridestowe Lavender Farm would be complete without savouring a scoop (or two!) of lavender ice cream to finish off what is sure to be a beautiful and memorable trip around the north east of Tasmania. 


This Bridestowe Lavender Farm Tour is $600 and 4 hours in duration and promises an unforgettable experience, allowing you to witness the lavender wonderland from above and on the ground. 

Depart the Silo Hotel and track up the Tamar River, taking in views of Tamar Island from 1000ft above. Then take a turn north east, with views of Lilydale & Mt Arthur on your express ride to the Lavender Farm. Once overhead Bridestowe, get ready to take in the views of 260 acres of the world largest privately owned Lavender Farm in full bloom. Upon landing, you’ll be free to explore the 260 acres of the farm, receive a Bobby the Bear, visit the store with a wide range of lavender products, and most importantly enjoy a scoop of their famous lavender ice cream before returning home to Launceston.

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