Fishing on the beach at St Helens Point - Low, rolling sand dunes and ocean beach makes St Helens Point a popular choice for the beach activities of fishing, beach walks, snorkelling, bird watching and camping.
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St Helens - Peron Sand Dunes
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Kiss A Fish is the specialist seafood cooking school on the East Coast of Tasmania.
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St Helens is the gateway to the breathtaking Bay of Fires and Binalong Bay one of the most scenic an...
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The sandy white beach of Binalong Bay
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Departing daily from October to May, the walk is a four-day experience. Led by well-informed guides,...
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Georges Bay is known as the game fishing capital of Tasmania. Charter a fishing boat and go offshore...
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Priory Ridge Wines is the only boutique vineyard and cellar door in the St. Helens area of Tasmania....
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Bay of Fires with its unique and eye-popping colours is a slice of coastal wonderland. Famous for i...
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St. Helens Accommodation


St. Helens Accommodation

Accommodation Offerings

Bay of Fires Lodge-Spa, Tasmania, Australia

You can find just about any type of accommodation in town and most come with beautiful ocean views of the Tasman Sea. St. Helens is a small town despite the tourism industry, so accommodation is abundant and large resort hotels won't get in the way of your stunning views. Image thanks to: Tourism Tasmania & Mark Lane (Hotel view)

Some enticing options include country-style B&Bs, spa cottages, ocean villas, modern rooms, and outdoorsy retreats and tourist parks.


St. Helens is the largest of Tasmania's northeast coastal towns. The town overlooks Georges Bay which is a popular destination for chartered fishing. The waters near St. Helens are teeming with deep sea delights such as marlin, lobster, albacore and yellowfin tuna. Underwater caves and kelp forests feed a dazzling population of colourful fish which beckons divers. As the state's second largest fishing port, St. Helens attracts ocean-loving tourists from all over the world.

The jaw-dropping beaches of the Bay of Fires have made Lonely Planet's top-10 regions of the world, and the southern end of those beaches is only a few kilometres from St. Helens. Situated just a few minutes from Binalong Bay, St. Helens is the perfect land and sea adventure destination.

Getting There

You'll have to drive to this coastal destination. St. Helens is 3 hours north of Hobart by car, but it's recommended to take an extra 30 minutes of driving to take the scenic route along the southeast coast. The overland drive from Devonport is the same 3 hours. And while St Helens looks close to Launceston on a map, it's more than a 2-hour drive because there are no direct roads.


St. Helens is a part of the Break O'Day Council which includes the nearby town of Binalong Bay. Binalong Bay is on the southern end of the Bay of Fires and has some of the world's best beaches. It's an easy day trip from the tourist haven of St. Helens.

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