Tasman Peninsula

Some of the World’s Best Coastal Scenery is on the Tasman Peninsula

Just over an hours drive from Hobart, the Tasman Peninsula offers dramatic coastlines, great beaches and bushwalking that is hard to beat.

From Hobart, head past the airport and then turn right onto the A9 Arthur Highway and follow it to Dunalley. At Dunalley you will cross over the canal and on to Forester Peninsula.

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Tasman Peninsula Tasmania View From Pirates Bay Lookout

Twenty minutes more driving and you will come out of the dense rainforest and see a sign showing the way off to the left to the Pirates Bay Lookout.

Be sure to take this short diversion – the views are amazing and will give you and idea as to what expect from here on. As you drop down to water level, you will cross Eaglehawk Neck, the narrow neck that separates the Tasman Peninsula from the Forester Peninsula and the mainland of Tasmania.

No wonder the Convict Penal Colony was established at Port Arthur.

The Tasman Peninsula – a Natural Prison

Tasman Peninsula Tasmania Location MapThe Tasman Peninsula forms a natural prison all of its own. Escape from the Prison at Port Arthur was unlikely.

Escape from the Tasman Peninsula over Eaglehawk Neck with its line of fierce, chained dogs even more unlikely.

The water was rumored to be alive with sharks so swimming was not an option. A natural prison, indeed.

Along the Eastern Coast of the Tasman Peninsula, the cliffs rise vertically out of the Tasman Sea for up to 300 metres (1,000 feet).

They drop straight down into the water almost the same distance. This is a wild coast, and it runs its spectacular course all the way to Tasman Island, on the southern tip of the Peninsula.

Coastal Rock Formations – Tasman Peninsula

The first of the formations is at Eaglehawk Neck, just in front of the Lufra Hotel.

The Tesselated Pavement is has unusual square tesselations that make it look as though it is man made.

Hotels in Tasman Peninsula  > Full-Day Tasman Peninsula Tour From Hobart

Tasman Peninsula Tasmania Tesselated Pavement

Turn left (east) just over Eaglehawk Neck to visit the natural coastal rock formations of the Blowhole, Tasman Arch and the Devil’s Kitchen.

The pathways around each of these features is well set out, with proper fences and offers incredible views of the coastline and the ocean.

Hotels in Tasman Peninsula  > Full-Day Tasman Peninsula Tour From Hobart

Tasman Peninsula Tasmania Tasman Arch

Walk to Waterfall Bay – Tasman Peninsula

A very interesting coastal walk to Waterfall Bay is well worth the time.

Follow the directions on my Waterfall Bay Walk page – not many people actually find out about this intriguing nature walk.

Hotels in Tasman Peninsula  > Full-Day Tasman Peninsula Tour From Hobart

Tasman Peninsula Tasmania Waterfall Bay Walk

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Get Onto the Water – Tasman Peninsula Wildlife Cruise

Tasman Peninsula Tasmania Tasman Arch from the WaterInclude  the Tasman Island Adventure Eco Cruise as part of your tour to the Tasman Peninsula.

Not only will you get to see the coastal formations from above, you will be able to see them from water level.

Optional afternoon visits on the tour include either the Tasmanian Devil Park, or time at the Port Arthur Historic Convict site.

The 3 hour trip along the coastline will be among the highlights of your Tasmania holiday.

Book ahead so you do not miss out on the day.

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Hotels on the Tasman Peninsula

Hotels range from historic B&Bs to the intriguing Lufra Hotel at Eaglehawk Neck. Compare hotel prices, book ahead and stay a few days on the Peninsula.

Hotels in Tasman Peninsula  > Full-Day Tasman Peninsula Tour From Hobart

Tasman Peninsula Tasmania Sunrise From Lufra Hotel 

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