Mount Field National Park, Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary and Richmond Day Tour

Russel Falls perfect photo optionEmbark on a journey through Tasmania’s stunning natural landscapes with our Mt Field and Bonorong Circuit tour. This adventure takes you through the picturesque Derwent Valley to the awe-inspiring Mount Field National Park, home to the famous Russell Falls. Experience the unique wildlife of Tasmania at Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, and step back in time in the historic village of Richmond. This tour blends the natural wonders, wildlife encounters, and historical insights of Tasmania, offering an enriching experience for all.

What You Will See

Mount Field National Park: Explore the lush, temperate rainforests of Mount Field National Park, where you can marvel at the towering man ferns and the tiered beauty of Russell Falls, one of Tasmania’s most accessible and photographed waterfalls. Keep an eye out for glow worms as you wander through this enchanting landscape.

Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary: Visit Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary to meet Tasmania’s unique wildlife, including the Tasmanian devil, wombats, quolls, possums, wallabies, and a diverse array of birdlife. This sanctuary offers a chance to learn about and contribute to the conservation of these special species.

Richmond Village: Conclude your tour with a visit to the historic village of Richmond, known for its convict-constructed sandstone bridge—the oldest in Australia. Browse through antique shops, visit the oldest Catholic Church in Australia, and indulge your sweet tooth at an old-school lolly shop.

Father and son feeding and petting a baby kangarooTour Highlights

  • Scenic drive through the Derwent Valley
  • Guided exploration of Mount Field National Park and Russell Falls
  • Wildlife encounters at Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Historical tour of Richmond Village, including the oldest convict-constructed bridge and Catholic Church in Australia
  • Opportunities to shop and explore in Richmond

Woman interacting with wombat at Bonorong Wildlife SanctuaryWhat’s Included

  • Transportation to and from central Hobart
  • Entry fees to Mount Field National Park and Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Guided tours at each location
  • Expert commentary from knowledgeable guides

General Information

Duration: Full day

Pick-up Location: Central Hobart

What to Bring: Comfortable walking shoes, weather-appropriate clothing, camera, water bottle

Accessibility: The tour includes walking paths that are accessible to most visitors.


Is the tour suitable for children?

Absolutely, this tour is family-friendly and offers engaging experiences for children.

Can I take photos with the animals at Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary?

Yes, there are opportunities to take photos with some of the animals, under the guidance of sanctuary staff to ensure the safety and well-being of the wildlife.

How much time do we spend at each location?

The time spent at each location varies, but each stop is designed to offer a comprehensive experience. Typically, you can expect to spend 1-2 hours at each main attraction.

What if it rains?

The tour operates rain or shine. In the case of severe weather, the tour itinerary may be adjusted for safety and comfort. Please dress appropriately for the weather conditions.

Are meals included in the tour?

Meals are not included in the tour price, but there will be opportunities to purchase food at various stops throughout the day.

This tour offers a perfect blend of Tasmania’s natural beauty, unique wildlife, and historical charm, making it an ideal choice for those looking to experience the best of what Tasmania has to offer.

From AU$515 per Guest
  • Activity Duration
  • 9 hours
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