Tasman Peninsula Day Tour

A full day tour from Hobart. Discover amazing sea cliffs, history and wildlife on our Tasman Peninsula Day Tour. An adventure Cruise to the sea cliffs along the Tasman Sea, and the option to visit either the Port Arthur Historic Site of the Tasmanian Devil Conservation Centre complete this 10 hour day tour.

 Tasman Peninsula
Day Tour

Tasman Peninsula Day Tour Tasmania Pirates Bay from Lookout

See the Tasman Peninsula and Tasman island from the water. Optional Port Arthur Historic Site of Tasmanian Devil Conservations Centre.

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Full-Day Tasman Peninsula
Tour from Hobart

Tasman island Adventure Cruise
Tasman Peninsula Day Tour

The scenery between Hobart and the Tasman peninsula will show you farmland, coastal views and dramatic sea cliffs and coastline.

It will take about 1.5 hours to travel from Hobart to the Tasman Peninsula. Then join a 3 hour wilderness cruise that takes you all the way from Eaglehawk Neck to Tasman Island and the “Black Coast” where Storm Bay meets the Tasman Sea.

I have done this trip a number of times, and I am always amazed how it is possible to get so far from civilization so quickly. This is a unique experience and one you should not miss as part of your Tasmania trip.

The sea cliffs are the highest in Australia and are truly dramatic. The chance to see seals, dolphins and the Southern Albatross skimming the waves is unique. Very few people ever see these seabirds in the wild.

You will do the trip in safety and comfort. Think about the early explorers who sailed these seas in wooden ships at the mercy of the elements.

Add Port Arthur or Tasmanian Devil Park  |  Tasman Peninsula Day Tour

After the Wilderness Cruise, select the option that most interests you.

The Port Arthur Historic site is like a big open air muweum. It is a faithful restoration of the real Port Arthur Penal Settlement. This is not a reproduction, It is the actual buildings of the 1800’s restored to show you how the Convict System really worked in Tasmania.

The Tasmanian Devil Conservation Centre is one of the leading places to see Tasmanian Devils, but if you have been to Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary it will be a repeat of the same theme.

Tasman Peninsula Day Tour Tasmania Sea Cliffs

Adventure and History – What is Included  |  Tasman Peninsula Day Tour

Bus tour from Hobart to the Tasman Peninsula  |  Morning Tea  | 3 Hour Tasman Island Wilderness Cruise  |  Lunch  |  Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park (optional selection)  |  Port Arthur Historic Site (optional selection)  |  Professional Local Guide  | Coach Transfer back to Hobart

Tasman Peninsula Day Tour Tasmania Sea Cliffs Port Arthur Historic Site Church

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