Hobart Half-day Sightseeing Tour

Let the Hobart half-day sightseeing tour put you aboard the Hobart Explorer Coach Tram for a three hour Introduction to Hobart’s History,  Battery Point, Salamanca Place and the City.

 Hobart Half-day Sightseeing Tour

Hobart Half-day Sightseeing Tour Tasmania Constitution Dock

 Hobart’s Highlights in a Half Day Tour

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Hobart Half-day Sightseeing
Coach Tram Tour


Hobart Half-day Sightseeing Tour

Hobart was settled in 1803, and much of its early colonial architecture and history has been beautifully preserved. The architecture is striking – St David’s Cathedral, the General Post Office, Government House and the Treasury Buildings are fine examples.

The Historic Precincts of Salamanca Place and Battery Point are very much as they were nearly 200 years ago.

Mount Wellington dominates the skyline of the city, and this tour visits the foothills of the Mountain, the Cascades Gardens and the Cascade Brewery. Many of Hobart’s Convict roots can be seen in St Davids Park and at the ruins of the Female Factory.

The Queen’s domain is an expanse of public land next to the city, and Government House is the residence of the representative still appointed by the Queen of England.

Hobart Explorer Coach Tram  |  Hobart Half-day Sightseeing Tour

Hobart was a whaling town in its early days, and then became a part of the defenses of Southern Australia as a number of forts and gun emplacements were set up in the late 1800’s.

Visit these forts, and cross the Tasman Bridge for views back over the Derwent River to take in the city and Mount Wellington.

Hobart Half-day Sightseeing Tour Tasmania Battery Point

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Parliament House  |  Salamanca Place  |  Battery Point  |  St David’s Park  |  Anglesea Barracks  |   Cascades Brewery  |  The Female Factory  |  Cross the the Tasman Bridge  |  Victoria and Constitution Docks  |  Choose from Morning or Afternoon Departures

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