Mount Wellington

The Backdrop to Hobart – Mount Wellington has great Nature Walking

Mount Wellington forms a dramatic backdrop to Hobart and the Derwent River.

Snowcapped in winter, balmy in summer, and delightfully cool and serene in spring and autumn, it offers wonderful nature experiences year round.

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At 1271 meters (4166 feet), it does not offer skiing facilities, but it is possible to easily drive up to throw snowballs around in winter.

Mount Wellington Descent Cycling Tour Departs Hobart

Mount Wellington Tasmania Hobart from the Summit

Charles Darwin, on his “Beagle” expedition, called in to Hobart in February, 1836 and climbed “The Mountain” (as it is known by the locals).

The only access to the summit was by walking tracks until the Pinnacle Road was constructed in the early 1930’s, and Mount Wellington now has the communications and television towers for southern Tasmania on its summit.

There is also an excellent shelter and viewing platform on the top of the mountain.

Getting to the Top of Mount Wellington

If you have your own car, it is only a 20 minute drive from Salamanca Place and the Docks. Head up Davey Street from Downtown and follow the signs.

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Mount Wellington Tasmania View From Summit

Regular bus services to “The Pinnacle” (the top of the mountain) run from Hobart, and it is only a 30 minute bus ride to the top.

For single travelers, or if you are unsure of driving, the Mount Wellington Tour from Hobart is a good sightseeing option.

Mount Wellington Tour from Hobart

For the more active and adventurous, the Mount Wellington Descent Cycling Tour is the way to go.  Be sure to book ahead so you don’t miss out.

Mount Wellington Descent Cycling Tour Departs Hobart

An Excellent Walk on Mount Wellington

There is an excellent walk you can take on the slopes of the mountain. The walk is very easy and provides spectacular views of the city of Hobart with the rock formations of the “Organ Pipes”, thus named because of their similar appearance to church organ pipes, on a much grander scale.

Mount Wellington Tasmania Nature Walk

Assuming you are self driving, after winding through Fern Tree and the rain forest of the lower slopes of Mt Wellington, you will come out into a clear area called “The Springs.”

You will see the vertical rock formation known as the “Organ Pipes” up and to your left as you drive on up the pinnacle road.

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About 3 Kilometres (2 Miles) past “The Springs” you will see a turning/parking area with a hut called “The Chalet” up on the left hand side of the road.

Park in the area off the road and walk up the track that goes around the back of “The Chalet” and climbs about 50 meters uphill before leveling off and turning to the left and running along the contour of the mountain.

The water running down the stream beside “The Chalet” is pure mountain runoff water and is perfectly safe to drink … you might, in fact, meet some of the residents of Hobart at the parking area filling containers for home use!

Follow the track for about an hour (if you keep going you will end up back at “The Springs”) and then retrace your steps to “The Chalet” when you have had enough. If you are at “the Chalet” as it is getting dark, the possums that live on the mountain will come out and check to see if you have left anything edible for them.

The Hobart City Council usually keeps wood in “The Chalet” and you are welcome to make a fire on any days that are not declared “fire danger days.”

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It will take about 4 hours to drive to the top of Mount Wellington, take “The Chalet” walk, and return to Hobart.

Drive back to Hobart area by an alternative route via Strickland Avenue, past Australia’s oldest Brewery, The Cascade Brewery. Allow about 3 hours to tour this old, historic landmark and enjoy the world-famous beer that they still produce there.

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