Image thanks to: Aydan Marrier
The Enchanted Walk - One of Tasmania's 60 great short walks. Magical old-growth rainforest, waterfal...
Image thanks to: Jack Mohr Photography
Kings Bridge is an elegant iron arch, circa 1860s, spanning the junction of South Esk River and the ...
Image thanks to: Tourism Tasmania and Rob Burnett

Self Drive Tours

Travel Made Easy with Our Self Drive Itineraries

These tours offer the perfect combination of adventurous independence on the road and the convenience of planned lodging and activities. With a range of options you can decide exactly how much you’d like to immerse yourself in the Apple Isle and where you would like to explore!

Travel Made Easy with Our Self Drive Itineraries!

You get to choose which route you will take to reach your destination, what sights you stop to see and where you would like to put your feet up for the night! Whether you are a foodie, history buff, wildlife observer or all around adventurer, these tailored self drive itineraries will suit everyone!

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