Mt Wellington Ascent – Road Bikes

Depart: McVilly Cafe and Cycles

Depart McVilly Cafe and Cycles with a coffee and meet our team where you’ll be fitted up to your trusty road bike, helmet and bidon. You will be given expert directions and advice on the challenge ahead as well as receiving the map to guide you on your way.

1. Cascade Brewery

Cascade Brewery is one of the most photographed spots in Hobart and we suggest you stop and do the same. Established in 1824, this gorgeous gothic sandstone building is the oldest operating brewery in Australia

2. The Springs

At mid-altitude, and roughly half way up, there is a sheltered picnic area which is a perfect place to catch your breath and take in some of the Mountain wildlife. You can also find another shipping container café called Lost Freight, we applaud copious consumption of bean love!

3. Summit

The last 2km of your 1270m altitude ascent may be some of the hardest but it is definitely the most rewarding. The view off to the left of Hobart and the southern east coast is simply breathtaking. Featuring the Tasmanian bridge and greater Hobart, on a clear day the view is as good as your eyesight can make it.

4. The Descent

The descent off Mt Wellington is 22km of winding switchbacks. On a sunny clear day this descent can be the most fun you have had on two wheels. BEWARE though, it’s a dual carriage way and many vehicles including buses are making their way up the Mountain. Like with any Mountain the weather needs a lot of respect. It can change quickly and can get very cold and/or very wet in a short period of time. Make sure to read our must do’s for this trip to make sure you are ready for this fun and exciting descent.  

What to wear:

Bike clothing is best

Jersey and knicks, vest, arm warmers and rain coat or loose fitting clothing, rain coat


Bike Shoes – we have Shimano pedals, or you can bring your own pedals

Runners  – Flat pedals provided.

What to take with you:

–    Drink Bottle (supplied)

–    Pocket Food – Gels, slices etc (We can supply)

–    Rain Coat

–    Gloves