The Overland Track in the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park is one of Tasmania's most fam...
On the Maria Island Walk, you'll explore a heritage listed convict settlement, walk empty white-sand...
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Guided Walks

Tasmania has so many spectacular hikes and guided walks to choose from

A guided walk through Tasmania is like no other….with indigenous creatures wandering about amongst spectacular scenery and rare birds taking flight before your eyes, you’re in for a treat like no other.

Tasmania has so many spectacular hikes and guided walks to choose from.

From the famous Overland Track one of the longest walks in Tasmania to the 3 day Three Capes Track walk along the Freycinet Peninsula or wonderful hikes on the mysterious Maria Island. Whether you’re contemplating a quick couple of days or an extended journey into the forest, there are many guided walking tours you can choose between to create memories that will last a lifetime.


Tasmania walking tours are holidays where you usually stay at the same accommodation but take different walks each day. The walking hours vary depending on the day and the specific places to see in Tasmania that you will visit. For example, our Cradle Mountain National Park walking tour takes around seven hours to reach the summit. Check out our Cradle Mountain Dove Lake Walking Circuit.

What should I bring on a walking tour?

When going on Tasmania walking tours, it’s important to bring comfortable clothes and footwear. Depending on the duration of the walking tour, bring enough water, snacks, medicines, and other gear that you think will be helpful for you while on the walking tour.

On some of our longer walking tours, you will need to be well-equipped. For example, our nine-day Franklin River Rafting expedition will have you walking on trails and rafting, so you need to be well-equipped. However, don’t worry; we will send guidelines and brief you before a guided walk tour to ensure that you have everything you need whilst you’re out there.  

What should I wear on a walking tour?

When going on Tasmania walking tours, what you wear is crucial to your comfort and convenience whilst you’re out there. We recommend you bring waterproof jackets and trousers just in case it rains. Layers are good for Tasmania, as the weather can change from hot to cold quite quickly and vice versa. Also, baselayers may be necessary depending on the weather, especially if you’re climbing mountains because the temperature is bound to be colder when you reach the summit.

Other essentials to wear are:

–   Socks: Ideally, Merino wool is an excellent choice because they’re comfortable. On the other hand, go for lighter-weight socks during the summer.

–   Hats, gloves, and other accessories: Be mindful of the accessories you wear on a Tasmania walking tour. It will all depend on where you will be walking. For example, our Walls of Jerusalem Experience will require walkers to wear hats and gloves as there will be a walk up to the base camp, where you will spend three nights. Many also prefer to have walking poles.

–   Swimwear: Some walking tours require you to get in the water. A good example is our Maria Island 3-Day Walk tour, where you can explore the untouched white sandy beaches that call for your best swimming outfit!

What are the benefits of walking tours?

One benefit you can get from participating in Tasmania walking tours is you get to learn from the locals. Your walking tour will be guided by a local—and what better way to learn about the place than through a local who has lived in the state their whole life? Second, walking tours are environmentally-friendly and super sustainable.

Another benefit of a walking tour is that you can burn some calories whilst you check out the best places to visit in Tasmania. It’s hitting two birds with a stone! Why don’t you kick off your walking tour in Tasmania with the Wukalina Walk? It’s a four-day guided walking tour where you can explore coastal spaces and inland attractions of the famous Bay of Fire region.

Do I need to walk with a group?

One of the best things about Tasmania walking tours is that you don’t do it alone! You will be with a group that will keep you company along the route. However, you don’t always need to walk together—most of the time, groups are split into smaller numbers, depending on the pace and the tour. Trust that your tour guides will re-group when necessary.

A great walking tour with a group will be the Frenchman’s Cap Guided Walk, a four-day tour where you will see the summit views across Cradle Mountain, Mt Jerusalem, and Mt. Ossa. You will likely meet like-minded people here.

Will I get some downtime on a walking tour in Tasmania?

Of course. Whether you go on our Franklin River Rafting & Frenchman’s Cap 11-Day Expedition or the Freycinet National Park Pioneer, you will have some downtime in between. If you want more downtime than what is being offered on a specific tour package, you can go for an easier-grade of Tasmania walking tour.


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