Snug Falls

A Waterfall Worth Stopping For


Snug Falls

For anyone exploring the south coast and the picturesque environs of Hobart, Snug Falls can be an excellent side trip which entails an hour walk and gorgeous views along the way, ending in the natural beauty of the waterfall. The falls are located just outside the coastal town of Snug.

The walk itself is rated as easy and should take approximately 1 hour (2km return), but this will vary for some, as the return journey is essentially uphill. On the way to the falls the trail descends into beautiful Tasmanian forest and is rather easy to navigate (be sure to have some shoes with traction, however, since it does descend downhill). Once reaching the bottom visitors can wander around a bit and enjoy the beauty of the creek and the secluded rocky pool.

The falls are 25m high and make for a stunning setting for a picnic or just relaxing in nature. The best time to view them is after a heavy rain, when they’ll appear at their fullest and wettest. Photographers will be pleased to capture incredible angles and views in this peaceful setting set apart from the modern world.

After savoring this tranquil spot, be prepared to make more of a physical effort on the way back and head up the way you came down. On the way back to the car park there is a wooden bench along the trail for walkers to rest, if needed. Image Credit: Tourism Tasmania & Lee Henley

Getting There

The town of Snug is approximately 25k (40 min drive) south of Hobart. After reaching Snug, follow Snug Tier Road for approximately 4km and take the road to the left onto Snug Falls Road. Look out for a sign saying “Snug Falls”. Although the roads do become quite narrow along the way, take courage and forge on.

Visiting the falls can be a perfect stopover as you explore the region and head to Huon Valley, Bruny Island, or back to Hobart.


The car park area is signposted shortly before the trail head.

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