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Pelverata Falls Track


Pelverata Falls Track

Location: Snug Tiers Natural Reserve
Length: 6 kilometres return
Grade: 3 (suitable for most, but some bushwalking experience recommended for slippery footing and steep sections near the falls)
Distance from: Hobart - 36 km, Launceston - 236 km, Devonport - 317 km

The Pelverata Falls cascade splashes over a fortress wall of rocks that tower over 100 metres in height. The entire scene looks to be the backdrop for a dramatic Game of Thrones episode and you can earn its other-worldly beauty with just 2 hours of walking return. The water pours out of the forest above and over a cliffside before splashing and splitting down a steep rocky scramble to a deep valley creek. The falls are particularly impressive after a heavy rain causing it to split into numerous cascades with a deafening roar that can be heard for miles.

Getting There

You can take any highway leading south out of Hobart to end up in Sandfly. There, you'll follow Pelverata Road for 10 kilometres before taking a right onto the windy Vincent Road for 4.3 kilometres to the trailhead.

The drive from Hobart is easiest and quickest at just 45 minutes. Launceston, Tasmania's inland city, sits 236 kilometres to the northeast and the drive takes 3 hours and 15 minutes. Devonport is a 4-hour drive sitting 317 kilometres away on the north coast.

The Trail

You'll walk alongside farms for the first few hundred metres before entering thick eucalypt forest. The first kilometre can be quite muddy and slippery so make sure to watch your step as the trail meanders through dense rainforest. Take time to reflect and to feel small amongst the towering trees of the Huon Valley.

After coming out from under the canopy of looming trees, you'll be met by a climb up a large rock field. You should already be hearing the roar of the falls. The trail then descends quite sharply to the falls lookout. Look off to your right to catch a glimpse of the smaller Slippery Falls before making your way to the viewing platform. Now drink in the grandeur before taking the Pelverata Falls Picture Challenge -- attempt to capture the beauty and might of the entire falls with just one snap.

After enjoying the exhilarating beauty of the falls, it's time to turn around to take the same trail back to the carpark. You'll notice a steep side trail at the viewing platform that takes you down to the creek below. This trail is quite steep, dangerous and slippery, and is only recommended for those with lots of bushwalking experience. Take the side trail at your own risk.


The trail is quite short and fairly easy, so you're not too far away from the protection of your car in case of inclement weather. But weather does change quite abruptly so always pack a rain jacket.

Traction can be poor after a rain. Wear sturdy hiking boots with good traction to get through the muddy bits.

Take the side trail down to the creek at your own risk. It is steep, muddy and dangerous, but a hike down to the base of the falls is well worth it for experienced hikers.

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