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The Octopus Tree Walk


The Octopus Tree Walk

Location: Wellington Park, Hobart
Length: 1 kilometre
Grade: 2 (wheelchair access may be difficult)
Distance from: Hobart CBD - 12 km, Launceston - 212 km, Devonport - 293 km

An ancient eucalyptus tree in Wellington Park looks to be walking. Its massive roots have emerged from the ground to wrap around a massive boulder and it seems to be tightening. You can almost imagine the tentacles contracting and releasing with the beast's inhales and exhales. It's the kind of sight that would set a child's imagination on fire and it may inspire you to write a fantasy novel. The best part is that this tree-creature is a short, easy and enjoyable walk suitable for the whole family and it's just a quick drive from Hobart.

Getting There

Stay in the right lane as you leave Hobart on Davey Street for 6 kilometres past the southern outlet. Turn right onto Pinnacle Road and ride it for 2.5 kilometres. You'll find the trailhead for this short, mysterious walk right in the crimp of a hairpin turn.

The drive from Hobart is a short 19 minutes over 12 kilometres. Launceston sits 212 kilometres to the north and the drive takes 2 hours and 44 minutes. Devonport is on the other side of Tasmania sitting 293 kilometres away. The drive takes about 3.5 hours.

The Trail

The trail is only 500 metres long and it takes you through thick forest to the ancient tree that seems to be choking a rock. The track is flat and very compact, but roots, branches and debris may make wheelchair access difficult. Just make sure to bring your camera for this otherworldly sight.


Snakes have been spotted in Wellington Park. While all Tasmanian snakes are venomous, bites are rare and deaths are incredibly rare. However, you should seek immediate medical attention if bitten.

Weather changes abruptly in Wellington Park. You won't be far from the carpark, but you may want to bring something for the rain, hail or snow.

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