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Lost World Trail


Lost World Trail

Location: Wellington Park
Length: 2.5 kilometres
Grade: 4 (bushwalking experience recommended for steep sections and bouldering)
Distance from: Hobart - 18 km, Launceston - 218 km, Devonport - 300 km

Mount Wellington and its park sit off to the west of Hobart CBD. It creates quite a picturesque backdrop especially when its peaks are snowcapped. But it also serves a very practical function. It's a quick 30-minute drive from Hobart CBD to escape the hustle-and-bustle and to spend some time in mother nature.

There are a few distinct features of Wellington Park that you can see from quite a distance. A towering columned dolerite cliff with striking striations is what's known as the Organ Pipes. Look to the right of the Organ Pipes and you'll see a smaller version. That's the Lost World. It's a medium difficulty hike that spans 45 minutes and offers up breathtaking views of Hobart from a boulder field.

Getting There

From the centre of Hobart, simply take Davey Street south but make sure to stay in the right lane. If you're in the left lane, you'll be forced out onto the Channel Highway and you won't be able to turn around for quite some time. The street turns right at the Hobart suburb of Fern Tree and begins to switchback up elevation to Wellington Park. Just shy of the peak, a hairpin switchback known as Big Bend shows you the trailhead. Right at the peak of the road's bend is where you'll start your hike. There is a small carpark here but a larger one just up the road.

The drive from Hobart only takes 30 minutes over 18 kilometres. Launceston is 3 hours away sitting 218 kilometres to the north. The drive from Devonport spans 300 kilometres and takes 3 hours and 46 minutes.

The Trail

The beginning of the trail starts to undulate past twisting Tasmanian snow gums. These gnarled trees are growing amongst scattered boulders which makes for a striking landscape.

After a short time, you'll leave the twisted trees behind and be hit with a stunning view of Hobart below. This is where you'll first catch a glimpse of the miniature Organ Pipes that mark the Lost World.

Climbing the plateau is rather tricky. You'll be forced to use your hands and feet to scramble up rock faces. But, from the top, you'll be able to see the Lost World, the Organ Pipes, Mount Wellington, Derwent River and Hobart. It's the kind of ethereal place that you'd love to visit as a child. With all the nooks and crannies in the rocks, you could explore the Lost World for days.

These boulders are the end of the Lost World Track. If you'd like to continue further, you'll be joining up with the Old Hobartian Track that takes you down to Lenah Valley. You'll have to scramble up, around, over and under boulders as you descend. Otherwise, drink in the beauty of the Lost World and return on the same track.


Snakes have been spotted in Mount Wellington Park and all Tasmanian snakes are venomous. Snakes are rather shy so bites are infrequent. Snakebite deaths are also very uncommon should they occur. Seek medical attention immediately if bitten.

This hike requires boulder scrambling so make sure to wear sturdy shoes or boots with good traction.

Weather can change rapidly at elevation in Tasmania. Make sure to pack something warm that is good against rain, wind, hail and even snow.

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