"Picturesque Lady Barron Falls in Mount Field National Park. Mount Field National Park is also home to Russell Falls, one of the most famous and photographed locations in the state of Tasmania."
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This 30 minute walk will take you through forest that features the world's tallest flowering plants ...
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Lady Barron Falls Walk


Lady Barron Falls Walk


Location: Mount Field National Park
Length: 6-kilometre loop trail
Grade: 2 (no bushwalking experience required on a compact surface with gentle climbs)
Distance from: Hobart - 74 km, Launceston - 216 km, Devonport - 254 km

Sitting just a little over an hour from Hobart, this trail gives you the most bang for your buck in Mount Field National Park. Mount Field is Tasmania's first national park and you can pay homage to its history by taking this easy two-hour stroll. The trail brings you through an astonishing array of landscapes in just under 6 kilometres. You'll experience the absolutely stunning Russell Falls and Horseshoe Falls before meandering through the park's Tall Trees Walk to the Lady Barron Falls. This trail essentially brings you to every point of interest in the lower sections of Mount Field National Park.

Getting There

Lady Barron Falls, Mt Field National Park, Tasmania, Australia

Mount Field National Park is easily accessible. It sits just 74 kilometers and a little over an hour away from Hobart. The drive from Launceston should take about 3 hours while Devonport is 3.5 hours.


A Bit of History

This track is a great way to familiarize yourself with the history of conservation in Tasmania. Russell Falls, the first waterfall that you encounter on this circuit walk, was set aside for protection in 1885. The very concept of a national park didn't even exist back then, but the land around the falls was still protected due to its enormous beauty. The area was named a national park in 1916 to become Tasmania's first along with Freycinet National Park in the northeast of the island. Taking the Lady Barron Falls Walk is an easy way to pay your respects to Tasmania's incredible wilderness. Image credit: Russell-Falls-Tourism-Tasmania

The Trail

You'll find the trailhead right behind the Mount Field National Park office. It starts off with a well-maintained wheelchair access track that follows a bubbling creek over Russell Falls. Spend a few minutes to drink in this historic area and its beauty.

From Russell Falls, you'll have to traverse a very short but steep climb to Horseshoe Falls. A bridge brings you to the front of the falls which is perfect for a picture. You'll then meander through another 1.5 kilometers of rainforest before setting foot on the Tall Trees Walk.

Take a moment to feel small under these towering flowering plants. In fact, these swamp gums, otherwise known as Eucalyptus Regnans, are the tallest flowering plants and the second tallest trees on planet earth. Challenge your picture-taking skills by attempting to capture the majesty of these trees in one click.

Cross Lake Dobson Road to re-enter the rainforest as you meander around the Eucalyptus Regnans. In about a kilometre, you'll come across the split-level Lady Barron Falls. This waterfall is just as beautiful but more secluded than the historic Russell Falls.


Lady Barron Falls, Tasmania, Australia

You'll find a kiosk, toilets and electric barbecues at the Mount Field National Park Visitors Center near the start of the trail.



Tree limbs have been known to fall on the trail during stormy weather and weather can change abruptly. Always check the forecast before starting this loop trail.

Supervise children around flowing waters and at the base of waterfalls.

No pets, firearms or bicycle are allowed on this trail.

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