The historic village of Stanley, nestled at the base of The Nut, a sheer-sided bluff. It is all that remains of an ancient volcanic plug and is one of Tasmania's most distinctive landmarks.
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HA Lane Memorial Lookout (Stanley)


HA Lane Memorial Lookout (Stanley)

Location: Stanley, Northwest Coast
Distance from: Hobart - 404 km, Launceston - 225 km, Devonport - 125 km

The beautiful and historic town of Stanley sits on its own little peninsula jutting out into the Bass Strait. It's well worth a visit for its historical walk, quaint charm, pretty little shops and romance. But the most defining feature of the town is The Nut. The 143-metre volcanic plug rises sharply out of the ocean to create a breathtaking backdrop to the classic Tasmanian town. The broad plateau is streaked in colourful dirt and vegetation, and tourists are encouraged to climb to the top for panoramic views of the northwest coast.

But some are unwilling to make the climb. The HA Lane Memorial Lookout is recommended for those looking for a view without the dizzying heights. In fact, some say the HA Lane Lookout affords a better view of town than The Nut. It's also a great spot for a pic as Stanley can be seen in its entirety with The Nut framing the town in the background.

It's recommended to drive the Bass Highway along the north coast from Penguin to Stanley to make The Nut the end of your road trip. Penguin features a large penguin statue and is home to the smallest penguins on earth. Burnie is a repurposed maker town where you can join artists in their crafts. Rocky Cape National Park features some of the most breathtaking coastal views in Australia and is covered in wildflowers in the summer months. And Stanley awaits at the end of the road with its romance, history, charm and the indomitable Nut.

Local Tips

A local farmer sets up a stand at the lookout to sell local produce. The honey sold here is half the price of more trafficked areas.

The lookout is essentially a raised platform on the side of Dovecote Road. It's a great 5-minute stop on your way to Stanley's historic Highfield House.

While the view from the platform is quite stunning, you'll get better pics from the carpark across the road. You'll eliminate the power lines that will obstruct your pics from the platform.

The lookout is spiritual at sunrise as the sun comes up and over The Nut. You can't go wrong at sunset, either, but expect crowds.

Getting There

Take the inland Dovecote Road to the northern part of the peninsula and Highfield House. About halfway down the road, you'll find the carpark, farmer's stand and lookout platform.

The nearest city is the north coast port of Devonport sitting just 125 kilometres away. The drive takes about 1.5 hours. Launceston is 2 hours and 42 minutes over 225 kilometres to the east. Hobart is all the way on the other side of Tasmania sitting 404 kilometres away. That drive will take you 5 hours.

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